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What To Expect


How you experience your first counselling session will be unique to you. It will also depend on the rapport you establish with the counsellor as well as how open and willing you may be on that day to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences.However, the following may serve as a general guide to some of the things you might expect during your first appointment.

  • You will likely be asked what brought you to counselling. A particular issue(s) probably let you to seek support or input from a counsellor.
  • You may be asked some details about your personal history, although generally our counsellors will be more curious about your current situation, such as what program you’re in, what your current challenges are, what strengths you identify in yourself and what existing supports you may (or may not) already have access to. This information helps the counsellor make an initial assessment of your situation so that you can collaboratively begin to discuss possible solutions, or at least strategies to help improve things
  • The counsellor may explain and answer any questions you have about the counseling process. They may ask for information about your present situation, your family background, general health and self-care and important relationships in your life
  • You may be asked to discuss past experiences with similar problems or challenges and how you may have tried to solve them previously
  • You and the counsellor may identify some areas or issues you want to work on and make another appointment to talk further, set counseling goals and plan on how to work together
  • Your counsellor may suggest other services that might further support and improve your situation, such as attending workshops or groups offered by Student Wellness and Counselling
  • Some students find that a single session with a counsellor meets their needs at that particular time and will decide on their discretion if and when they want to schedule another appointment in the future