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Faculty & Staff Resources


Students often experience compounded stress due to academic, social, family, work, financial, or other concerns. Faculty and staff members are often in a situation to identify students who are experiencing difficulties. To make our services successful, we need the support and assistance of Sheridan’s faculty and staff. Although most students come to Counselling Services on their own, you may be the first to recognize that a student requires assistance. Students turn to you out of respect for your position as a faculty or staff member and therefore your recommendations, referrals or consultations with us can play a significant role in student success.  


You may consider a referral to or consultation with Counselling Services when students:
  • Indicate a need for help
  • make references to suicide (any reference to committing suicide should be considered serious)
  • exhibit a change in mood or behaviour. Actions that are inconsistent with an individual's normal behaviour may indicate psychological distress
  • show signs of anxiety or depression - these are two symptoms that may result in significant problems for students
  • experience significant changes in personal relationships and/or issues such as death in the family, loss of a friend, difficulties in marriage or family relations, or changes in family responsibilities can result in increased stress and psycho-emotional difficulties 
  • show signs of drug or alcohol abuse
  • a student is presenting issues or requesting information outside of your range of knowledge

How to Refer a Student:

If the student agrees to the referral, they can book an appointment by calling or visiting in person The Centre for Student Success at their respective campus. In some instances, offering to assist them in finding the contact information and/or accompanying them is appropriate. Please contact us if you would like to refer a student or discuss an issue. All discussions are confidential. 

Students who Decline a Referral to Counselling:

Students have the right to decline a referral to counselling, so even if you believe it may be in their best interests don't take it personally. Here are some other considerations:

  • student may have had a negative past experience with counselling and/or asking for help
  • student may want something we can't provide
  • stigma
  • student may not feel they are ready for counselling
  • student may feel other resources such as the 24/7 Post-Secondary Student Helpline Good 2 Talk may fulfill their needs. 

Consult with Counselling:

We are also here to support faculty and staff in the event you need assistance:

  • assessing a student situation you are concerned about
  • inquiring about resources for students
  • determining whether or not a referral to counselling may be appropriate
  • discussing your concerns and/or feelings about a student

To arrange a consultation, please contact the Manager of Wellness and Counselling:

Leah State
905-459-7533 ext. 2986



Student contact with a counsellor is confidential. Information about the counselling sessions is not shared with faculty or any other third party without written authorization. Please see the Confidentiality Statement for further information.