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SEASON 2 of Sheridan's New Webisodic Series Has Begun! Follow Intrepid Roving Reporter, Destinee Browning As She Takes Her Camera All Over Sheridan For The Latest In Epic Happenings Campus-Wide - How Much Do YOU Know About Sheridan Life? Tune In Monthly For New Episodes, Hilarity, and Great Prizes!

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Season 2 | Special Episode 3 | "Destinee Does CERAMICS!"

Today's Stop: The Sheridan Ceramics and Pottery Studios - THROWING POTTERY? - How Hard Can It Be?!

Season 2 | Special Episode 2 | "Destinee Does SIRT!"

Motion Capture, High Frame Rate Filmmaking, Virtual Cameras, 3D Production, Oh My! Intrepid Roving Reporter, Destinee Browning, Takes Her Camera On Location To SIRT (Sheridan's Screen Industries Research and Training Facility at Pinewood Studios Toronto) - EPIC.

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Season 2 - Episode 1 - Orientation 2013!

Season 2, Episode 1 of Sheridan Rough Cuts with Destinee Browning! Intrepid Roving Reporter, Destinee Browning, Takes Her Camera To Orientation 2013! How much do YOU know about Sheridan?

Sheridan Rough Cuts: Adieu Katie, Welcome Destinee!

Adieu Katie, Welcome Destinee!

Episode 6 of Rough Cuts sees Katie off to new adventures, and passes the mic to an exciting new face - Destinee Browning! Meet the 2013/2014 host of an ALL-NEW revamped series, beginning fall 2013! Stay tuned!

Sheridan Rough Cuts: There's An APP For That

There's An APP For That

In episode 5 of ROUGH CUTS, we take a look at the Sheridan College APP - learn how to get around campus, check out new technology, even peek in and discover how long the Timmies line is! Stay up to date with what's going on everywhere at Sheridan…

Sheridan Rough Cuts: Campus Tours

Campus Tours

In episode 4 of ROUGH CUTS, Katie takes us on a tour of all 3 Sheridan campuses!

Sheridan Rough Cuts: Ontario College Information Fair 2012

Ontario College Information Fair 2012

Sheridan ROUGH CUTS - Ontario College Information Fair 2012!

Sheridan Rough Cuts: Open House 2012

Sheridan Open House 2012

Sheridan ROUGH CUTS - Sheridan Open House 2012

Sheridan Rough Cuts - Preview

Sheridan Rough Cuts: Preview

Join us for a new YouTube series! Behind the scenes at Sheridan. Our roving reporter, Katie Breen will be going EVERYWHERE and you're invited to tune in! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for new episodes.

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