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FAQs – Parking at Trafalgar or Davis Campus

Parking FAQs

  1. How much does parking cost?
  2. Sheridan offers a variety of fee options to suit the diverse parking needs of its students, faculty, staff and visitors, from day and evening permits to semester and annual permits.

    Parking fees are in effect day and evening, 7 a.m. – 1 a.m. at Trafalgar Campus and Davis Campus. At Hazel McCallion Campus, the Theatre Lot is available to students and employees with a semester hangtag permit from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m., weekdays.

  3. Where do I pick-up my permit?
    • Davis Campus: Parking Services Counter, B237 (Across from the Welcome Desk)
    • Trafalgar Campus: Parking Services Counter, BB19
    • Hazel McCallion Campus: Parking Services Counter, B376 (Opening Fall 2019)

    Onecard ID must be provided for pick-up of permits (students and employees). FCAPS Students may present the course fee invoice and government-issued photo ID in lieu of a onecard.

    TIP: Need assistance locating campus buildings? Download SheridanMobile to your mobile device and use the 'Campus Maps' feature.

  4. Can my friend/family member/relative/guardian pick-up my permit or make changes to my account on my behalf?
  5. For a third party (such as a parent, guardian, partner, sibling, friend, etc.) to conduct business with Sheridan on your behalf (i.e. parking documents, etc.), the third party must have a letter of authorization from the student or employee.

    This letter must include the date, student or employee’s signature with specific instructions detailing what the third party can do.

    As always, application forms must be signed by the account holder (student), not a third party. Photocopies or electronic copies will be accepted.

  6. What do I do if I get a parking ticket?
  7. You have two options:

    1. Pay for the ticket
    2. Submit an appeal within 10 business days at

    Please do not ignore a parking ticket!

    Accounts with unpaid fines run the risk of the following actions: suspended parking privileges, towed vehicles, sealed academic records, and/or account balances will be transferred to a collection agency. This is a fully automated process, and we suggest that you deal with these problems promptly to avoid unnecessary charges.

Parking Permits at Sheridan

  1. Can I park on campus without a permit?
  2. No. All persons including students, staff, faculty, vendors, guests, clients and all other visitors are required to have a valid parking permit fully visible on the dash or hanging from the rear-view mirror when on Sheridan property, Monday through Friday, during the day and evening. Failure to obtain and properly display a permit to park may result in a parking ticket. Everyone parking on campus is expected to adhere to Sheridan College’s Parking and Traffic Regulations.

  3. I don’t come to the college every day of the week. Can I get a reduced rate for parking?
  4. Sheridan offers a variety of short and long term parking permit options. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to decide which permit best suits their need.

  5. Can permits be refunded, e.g. if I withdraw from Sheridan?
  6. A FULL refund will be provided for one semester, two semester and annual permits, returned within the first ten days of the semester. These permit types returned after ten days will be refunded according to a set schedule, based on the date the permit is returned.

    Shorter term parking permits including two week, monthly and 15-use permits are non-refundable. The $25 (+tax) replacement fee is not applicable for short-term permits (15-use, evening semester, monthly, etc.).

  7. What happens if I forget my permit at home?
  8. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure the permit is on hand at all times when parking on Sheridan property. In the event a permit is forgotten, Parking Services must be notified immediately ( or 905-845-9430 x2233). Failure to do so may result in a parking ticket.

    Occasionally, I drive a different vehicle to Sheridan. Can I still use my permit?

    Yes, so long as a valid parking permit is displayed and the licence plate is registered to the permit. Failure to do so may result in a parking ticket. To add a licence plate, contact

  9. What should I do if I lose my permit, or I suspect it has been stolen?
  10. Lost or stolen permits must be reported to Security immediately. Upon notifying Security, an online report must be completed, notifying the local police service (Halton Regional Police in Oakville or Peel Regional Police in Brampton). To request the web address, contact A non-refundable, $25+HST replacement fee will be charged for lost and stolen permits before a new permit is issued. Failure to obtain a replacement permit under such circumstances may result in a parking ticket.

  11. What if I have a permit but I can’t find a place to park?
  12. On occasion during peak periods it may be challenging to find a parking spot. The community is advised to plan in advance especially during the Fall and Winter semesters. Vehicles parked in violation of Sheridan College’s Parking and Traffic Regulations (i.e. parked illegally) will be ticketed.

    Parking is available on a first come, first served basis. Sheridan will make every effort to accommodate all permit holders on its lots or ‘overflow’ (unpaved) lots, when necessary.

    Preferred Parking and Carpooling spaces will be enforced by Security. Parking Services should be contacted if these spaces are occupied by vehicles with invalid permits.

Parking Information for Students

  1. Where do I get a STUDENT permit?
  2. Parking permits are now sold online at! Log in with your Sheridan user ID and password to purchase a permit. Payment is by debit or credit card (some restrictions will apply). Pick-up on campus and mail-out options (Parking Permit 'Pre-sale') will be available.

    The Trafalgar and Davis campus bookstores sell shorter-term permits (monthly, bi-weekly, 15-use and evening semester). Debit, cash and major credit cards accepted.

    Sheridan's student parking permits are valid interchangeably at all campuses. At Hazel McCallion Campus, some restrictions apply.

  3. Can I share my permit with someone else? Can I register another person’s license plate?
  4. The permit holder may register up to 4 vehicles with their permit. Any tickets issued to the registered vehicle will be the sole responsibility of the account holder.

    Parking Services will not remove any vehicles from the account unless the tickets have been settled.

  5. Where can my friend park if (s)he comes to visit me at my residence on the weekend?
  6. Complimentary weekend parking is strategically located around the campus.

    Anyone visiting and staying over at residence must register through front desk inside the residence building. For more information, check out the Sheridan Residence FAQs.

Parking Information for Employees

  1. Where do I get an EMPLOYEE Permit?
  2. Parking permits are now sold online at! Log in with your Sheridan user ID and password to purchase a permit. Debit and credit cards will be accepted (some restrictions will apply) for all permit types.

  3. Do faculty and staff pay for parking?
  4. Yes, all faculty and staff pay for parking and they pay the same rates as students except for the 15-use permit.

  5. How do I set-up my onecard so that it opens the gated lot?
  6. Please contact the Parking Office by sending an e-mail to or calling 905-845-9430 x2233 to have your onecard set-up.

  7. Can I pay for a permit through payroll deductions?
  8. Yes. Employees are eligible to pay for a parking permit through payroll deductions for long-term permits only such as annual, and a 1 or 2-semester permit. To inquire about your eligibility, please contact or x2233.

    Short-term permits such as 15-use, monthly, and bi-weekly are paid in full. Debit and credit are accepted online. The Parking Office accepts debit only.

  9. Can I buy an annual permit in the winter or spring term?

Annual permits (expiring September the year following) are only available from September to December. If you are buying a permit mid-year, check to see whether a 1 or 2-semester permit is more suitable for you.

Parking Information for Visitors

  1. Where do I get a VISITOR Permit?
  2. At Sheridan College’s Trafalgar Campus and Davis Campus, hourly, daily or evening parking can be purchased with coins or credit cards at the blue ‘pay-by-plate’ kiosks, located near main entrances. Fees are $1.75 per 1/2 hour to a max. $12/day and max. $6 for evening parking (from 3 p.m. – 1 a.m.).

    Visitors at Hazel McCallion Campus may park at the surface lots adjacent to the two campus buildings and pay at kiosk. Visitors are not permitted to park at the Theatre Lot.

    HonkMobile provides the convenience of paying for parking by mobile device.

    Visitor permits can also be purchased in advance through Helpful tips: Kiosk and parking lot locations are mapped in 'Campus Maps' on SheridanMobile – Sheridan's free smartphone app.

    ‘Pay-by-Plate’ Parking Kiosks – just PARK, PAY & GO!

    How does it work?

    1. Park your vehicle in a designated parking spot.
    2. Proceed to a kiosk. Input your licence plate number and purchase the time you need.
    3. Go! Proceed to your destination. There is no need to display a paper receipt on your dashboard! For your convenience, parking time can be TOPPED UP AT ANY KIOSK on campus by re-entering your licence plate number.

    Kiosks accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and $1, $2 and $0.25 coins. ‘Pay-by-plate’ kiosks are located at Trafalgar and Davis Campuses only.

    Need help locating a kiosk? Download Sheridan’s new smartphone app, SheridanMobile, and navigate through 'Campus Maps' to the 'Transportation Map'.

  3. Do I need to display my receipt on the dashboard?
  4. No. You do not need to display your receipt on the dashboard.

  5. Where can I park with a visitor permit?
    • Trafalgar Campus – visitors may park in Lot 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7.
    • Davis Campus – visitors may park in Lot 1, 3, 5, or 6.
    • To avoid parking tickets, please ensure that you have paid for parking through the HONK app, the pay station, or online.

    • Hazel McCallion Campus – visitors may park in the municipal lots behind HMC A and B buildings. View the City of Mississauga’s permit and hourly rates.