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Registering a Carpooling Group

  1. Definition of a Carpool Group

  2. A carpool group is a formal arrangement registered with Parking Services whereby two to a maximum of four people regularly commute together to Sheridan in one vehicle.


  3. Carpool Group Eligibility

  4. For a carpool group to be formally recognized, it must meet the following criteria:

    1. Carpool groups must have a minimum of two active carpool members to a maximum of four;
    2. Each member must register at least one vehicle with the applicant required to show vehicle registration/ownership when they register;
    3. Members are required to commit to carpooling for a minimum of one term (Fall, Winter or Spring)
    4. No member can be registered in more than one carpool group at a time;
    5. Carpoolers must be faculty, staff, or students at Sheridan;
    6. One member of the carpool group must be designated as the Carpool Captain. The carpool captain will be responsible for the fees and is the point of contact with Sheridan’s Parking Services.


  5. Registering for a Carpool Group

  6. Once the carpoolers have found their carpool partners, they may register as a group with Parking Services.

    1. Each group must choose a carpool captain. The captain is Parking Services’ point of contact for the carpool group, and the carpool permit will be registered under his/her name.
    2. To register a carpool group, the carpool captain must print and complete the carpool application form (pdf) and submit it to Parking Services in-person. Parking Services will asses the group’s eligibility according to the criteria as stipulated in Section II.


  7. Carpool Permits

  8. Upon registration in Sheridan’s carpool program, each carpool group will be issued one carpool parking permit.

    For the carpool permit to be valid on campus, the carpool permit must be displayed on the windshield or dashboard of the vehicle, as registered on the permit, when parked in the designated carpool zone.

    If the permit is not displayed, the carpool is considered invalid and the group must park in a regular parking spot and must pay the daily or hourly fee.

    The carpool permit must be transferred amongst registered carpool members within a group and displayed in the registered vehicle parked in the campus.


  9. Designated Carpool Parking Space

  10. The carpool permit allows the carpool group to park only in a signed carpool space reserved for carpool groups.

    Designated carpool spaces are not available in all lots. Please contact Parking Services ( to find out the location of the designated carpool spots in your campus.

    Carpool spaces within specific lots are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.


  11. Complimentary Passes

  12. Each registered carpool member is entitled to four complimentary, one-day parking passes per term (one each expiring at the end of each month. Contact Parking Services for more information). Each pass, when filled out properly, allows a carpool member to drive alone onto campus and park in any regular parking spots.


  13. Termination or Modification of a Carpool Group

    1. Parking Services must be notified when a carpool group is terminated or modified;
    2. Parking Services will issue refunds in accordance with the current refund policy;
    3. A dissolved carpool group must return its carpool hangtag to Parking Services.


  14. Enforcement of Regulations

    1. Parking Services is responsible for enforcing this carpool policy;
    2. Violations, fines, and penalties are consistent with those noted in the Parking Regulations;
    3. Unauthorized use of a carpool permit could result in the suspension of parking privileges and towing in accordance with Sheridan’s Parking Regulations;
    4. Infractions issued to the vehicle(s) registered in the carpool group are the responsibility of the carpool captain. The carpool captain must settle the fees with Parking Services and it is up to the him/her to collect the fees from their members.
    5. Any suspected misuse of the Carpool Program must be reported to Parking Services by email at
    6. Parking Services is not responsible for any loss, personal injuries, or damages to motor vehicles, including vehicle contents, however caused.

Parking Services reserves the right to approve or reject carpool groups depending on the availability of carpool spaces and amount of active carpool groups in a given term.

For more information, email

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