Campus Recreation

For more information about any Campus Recreation activities contact Nadene Boothe (905.845.9430 ext. 2086) at Trafalgar Campus and Tahir Khan (905.459.7533 ext. 5262) at Davis Campus.

In • tra • mu • ral
Adj : competitive only within the campus community.
Find YOUR definition...Find your sport and get out and PLAY! 
Intramural Sports are a great way to have fun and meet new people. The IM program has a wide variety of activities ranging from traditional sports, such as volleyball, basketball and soccer, to individual sports as well as some non-traditional sports such as dodgeball. The IM program has something to offer for everyone.

IM Sports has something for those of all skill and competitive levels. If you just want to get together with friends and play soccer for fun, or you and your buddies want to relive your basketball championship season, we have a spot for you. Our leagues are co-ed and we welcome all to come out and get fit and have fun in an organized manner. Best of all, you do not have to spend all your time in practice! You can play intramural sports with as little as a one hour per week commitment.

We Work So You Can Play!

Both Davis and Trafalgar campuses have intramural soccer, basketball, volleyball and hockey…all leagues are co-ed!
1.    Varsity Athletes are not permitted to participate in intramurals until after the conclusion of their season, and only then at the discretion of the Recreation Co-ordinator and Head Coach.
2.    Intramural leagues will only run for sports where demand is high

•    Women’s Extramural Hockey (Davis and Trafalgar combined)
•    Men’s Extramural Hockey (Davis and Trafalgar combined)
•    Men’s Extramural Basketball (Davis and Trafalgar combined)
•    Men’s Cricket (Davis and Trafalgar each have a team)

Instructional Classes

Co-ed Fitness
•    Multiple classes offered at Davis & Trafalgar (Sept – April)
•    Zumba is a cardio/dance class, usually 1 session per week (Davis & Trafalgar)
•    Circuit training is a combination of resistance and cardio vascular training and done with the use of weights,
•    bands, stability balls etc.
•    Boot camp is a similar to circuit training however you only use body weight to perform exercises
•    10 weeks of classes each semester beginning the third week of academic classes
•    no classes operate during break week


•    usually 2-3 distinct classes / week  of dance classes at Trafalgar(Sept – April)
•    Latin Dance, Capoeira and some variation of Salsa are usually offered (Trafalgar)
•    usually offers Latin Dance both fall and spring
•    10 weeks of classes each semester
•    No classes operate during break week

•    Usually 2-3 classes / week  of pilates classes(Sept – April)
•    10 weeks of classes each semester
•    No classes operate during break week

•    We offer Yoga (Davis & Trafalgar) and Yogalates (Trafalgar)
•    No classes during break week
•    Popular program – offered fall & winter
•    Conducted in spring also

Recreational Programs

Swimming & Skating
•    Students get one free swimming & skating tickets per week with proof of  a valid student identification.

•    Join the Trafalgar Racquet Club-see more details on bulletin board at Trafalgar Athletic Complex

Active Living Challenge
•    program promoted by the OCCCR
•    win prizes and achieve fitness goals: more details at the control centre of both and Trafalgar campuses

Rock Climbing
•    has acquired indoor rock climbing equipment for Fall 2010 for both main campuses

**All offerings are subject to change without notice.**