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Here are answers to the questions most students ask. Please also visit our Programs page and your Guidance department for more information.

What are dual credit courses?

These are college courses that also count as high school credits. At Sheridan all dual credit courses are taught by our faculty on campus.

Why should I take dual credits?

Dual Credit courses help you get your high school diploma and try out college at the same time. You can explore a career direction by working in a hands-on environment where you get to use the same materials, equipment and technology used by college students and in the workplace.

Will it cost anything?

No, everything is covered including your transportation to and from classes.

I’m in a Specialist High Skills Major, Co-op or OYAP program. Could dual credit work for me?

Quite a few of our dual credit programs relate to either SHSM or OYAP programs and students often find that timetabling dual credits works well in a co-op semester. Take a look at the programs to see if one is a good fit for you.

Is college the right choice for me?

Sheridan offers a wide range of programs, from apprenticeship to one year certificates, two and three year diplomas and four year degree programs. Dual credits are a great way to see what college is like and learn more about your choices. Since you’re also getting your high school credits and there’s no cost, you can ‘try college on for size’ without committing yourself to a full-time program.

If I decide to go to college after I graduate, how can I use the dual credit courses I’ve successfully completed?

You can apply to have the dual credits you’ve earned recognized once you are admitted to a college program. Recognition will depend upon whether your courses are part of the full-time program you’re enrolled in. Dual credits earned at another college would be assessed by the receiving college to determine if credit can be awarded, depending on the admitting program. The Registrar’s Office will be able to assist you with this process.

Would I be able to switch from a full time college diploma program to a university program?

You bet! Sheridan has a number of pathways between its own diploma programs and Sheridan degrees, as well as pathways between Sheridan programs and programs at Ontario universities and even international universities. Check out our resources for pathways and transfer students for more information.

What’s it like to be a college student?

Come and find out! As a dual credit student at Sheridan, you’ll be attending classes right on the college campus, so you’ll be able to get a feel for what day-to-day life is like at college. And you’ll be able to use services such as the Career Centre, Student Advisement Centre, tutoring services and our library. We think you’ll enjoy using our great studios, shops and labs too!

Will I fit in?

When you look around the hallways, you’ll see students who are a lot like you. They may look confident, but they have many of the same worries you do. Many will be first year students who are only one step out of high school themselves. Make yourself at home, and if you need help, just ask!

Will I be able to handle college courses?

We’re here to support your success. In addition to smaller classes, you’ll have a high school dual credit teacher and Sheridan’s student services to call on for more help. College courses are shorter and more intensive than high school courses, but the main things are to get to classes regularly, get your work done on time and make sure you study for tests and exams! We provide an orientation to help you understand what you can expect, what is expected of you, your rights and responsibilities as a college student and what help is available.

What if I have special needs?

No problem! Just make sure you contact our Accessible Learning Services department to discuss your needs. This is important, because Sheridan doesn’t receive any information or documentation from your high school. You’ll find out more about this at your student orientation.

Why should I take my dual credits at Sheridan?

We have the experience and track record to offer you the best possible dual credit experience. We’ve been delivering dual credits since 2005, growing from 20 students to over 500, with about 80-100% of those students successfully earning their dual credits. With qualified faculty, great student support services, and lots of dual credit choices, Sheridan is ready to welcome you!

How can I find out more about applying for a Dual Credit Program at Sheridan?

Your school has a designated staff person who performs this role. It may be a Guidance Counsellor, Student Success Leader, Co-op teacher or a Vice Principal. Your Principal, Vice Principal or Guidance Department can provide this information. Your dual credit application must be submitted by the designated teacher at your school, and will be forwarded to the College through the Dual Credit contact at your school board.

We hope to see you at Sheridan soon!

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