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Fitness Leadership


You May Be Interested If:

You're a senior-level secondary student who wants to explore a potential interest in a career and/or further studies in the fitness or athletic therapy field.

What Students Are Saying About This Program

“I took these course to help me gain experience in college and to meet new people. I like the learning and techniques that were used to teach. This opportunity helped me discover that this is what I want to do in college.”

What Will I Learn/Do?

In the Fitness Leadership Dual Credit Program you’ll take two courses which will give you the opportunity to explore the field of fitness/athletics. You’ll participate in two highly hands-on courses in fitness assessment and exercise techniques delivered in Sheridan's state of the art fitness lab.

Secondary Credits 
Days/Wk 2
# wks 7
Hrs/Day 6
Term Spring 
Campus/City Davis/Brampton
Courses Fundamentals of Fitness Assessment Introduction to Exercise Technique
Dual Credit Codes PLG4T PLP4T
College Codes HEAL18448 HEAL 17721

Course Descriptions:

Fitness Blood Pressure testFundamentals of Fitness Assessment

  • This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of the theoretical and practical components of fitness assessment in order to assess the physical condition of apparently healthy populations. You’ll learn how to:
  • Assess the primary components of fitness including cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility.
  • Develop appropriate exercise and healthy living programming for healthy populations

Introduction to Exercise Technique

  • In this course, students are introduced to fundamental multi-joint exercises commonly used in exercise programming. In the classroom, students become familiar with theoretical concepts concerning safe movement, the establishment of adequate mobility-stability and postural considerations. In the lab, they identify and practice specific strength, cardiovascular and mobilization exercises and demonstrate their familiarity with safe movement guidelines. Students also participate in a number of discussions pertaining to controversial topics related to exercise performance.

Student posing with life-size skeleton modelPathways to Full Time Sheridan Programs:

If you enjoyed this dual credit program, you may want to apply for the full time Fundamentals of Fitness Leadership one-year Ontario College Certificate Program at Sheridan's Davis Campus. If you are accepted, the dual credits you earned will be counted as courses already completed. Unique in Ontario, Sheridan’s Fitness Leadership certificate combines the science of physiology, anatomy, biomechanics and nutrition with practical training in exercise and conditioning. By the time you complete the program, you'll be a qualified personal fitness trainer who is ready to write the certification exams for: CANFIT Pro; Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN); and Ontario Fitness Council (OFC).

Through the personal fitness trainer program you'll learn how to: assess basic fitness needs through manual and mechanized fitness testing protocols; promote a safe training environment and healthy lifestyle with clients; use effective communication and leadership skills in trainer/client relationships; teach correct techniques of exercise, training and fitness in a variety of environments; operate a successful entrepreneurial fitness business; recognize and report health-related conditions that hamper a client’s safe pursuit of an exercise program; and create diverse fitness programs for groups of different ages, health and fitness levels.

Further Academic/Career Pathways:

When you complete your personal fitness training certification program, you'll be qualified to work as a fitness leader or as a personal trainer or coach. You may find employment in fitness clubs and gyms, spas, recreation and community programs, corporate wellness programs, cruise ships and resorts, schools, youth clubs, seniors’ centres or as a self- employed entrepreneur. Graduates enjoy many varied and rewarding careers in their field and may also decide to go on to study for a career as an athletic therapist in our Athletic Therapy degree program.

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