Construction Trades


You May Be Interested If:

You have an interest in a career in the construction field. You can take your first step toward a career as a professional tradesperson, technician or technologist through this one-course dual credit program - and there's no better place to start than Sheridan.

What Students Are Saying About This Program

“I chose to take the dual credit program because I needed credits to graduate high school. I liked doing the construction class because I like doing hands on activities. I found the program fun and would like to be involved in the construction trade.”

“This program is good. I learned some good things. I feel smarter now. Thank you for the education. The teacher is very smart. This program helped me finish high school.“

What Will I Learn/Do?

Introduction to Construction Trades is one of the courses in Sheridan's Technology Fundamentals certificate program. It will give you a good opportunity to explore this field and think about the various career paths it offers.

Course Descriptions:

Introduction to Construction Trades

Students learn a variety of working techniques applicable to the construction industry such as: carpentry, framing, dry walling, taping and finishing. Students are involved in the building of structures, the installation of wire items including lights, electrical receptacles and switches, etc. Students also experience the basic fundamentals of installing plumbing fixtures.

Pathways to Full Time Sheridan Programs:

This single-course dual credit program offers you the chance to get a head start in the full time one year Technology Fundamentals program, which offers an Ontario College Certificate; if you successfully complete the dual credit course, it will be counted as completed if you enroll in the full time certificate program This program is designed to give you an opportunity to explore a wide variety of subjects related to technology, while preparing you for possible entry into a specific discipline.

Further Academic/Career Pathways:

The Sheridan Technology Fundamentals full-time program is ideal for you if you’re interested in science and technology, but are uncertain specifically which area is a fit for your future academic and career goals, or if you don’t meet the entrance requirements for technology diploma programs. This program focuses on four cluster areas – chemical, mechanical, information technology and trades – with intensive use of experiment, projects, demonstrations and field trips. Successful completion of this program will prepare you for the challenges of technology or trades programs. You’ll earn college credits in: Electromechanical systems, Chemistry and the environment, Information technology, Industrial or Construction Trades, Mechanical Drafting, Communication, Health Work and Safety, and Mathematics. Several of these college courses are transferable to technology diploma programs at Sheridan and may be accepted at other colleges as well.

Throughout the program you'll build the proficiencies and confidence needed to succeed in postsecondary science and technology education. Personalized attention from professionals with years of industry experience will allow you to explore a broad range of careers in information and engineering technologies and skilled trades, and will help create pathways for your success.

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