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Payment Plans

Payment is to be received by Sheridan on or before the dates shown on the Fee Deadlines page unless stated otherwise on your fee estimate. The payment plan is available to students who have paid their enrolment tuition deposit.

Winter 2023 Payment Plan

To provide you with additional financial relief, the enrolment deposit for the Winter 2023 semester has been reduced from $500 to $250 for full-time students, and from $340 to $170 for part-time students. Please note that this reduction is only applicable to new domestic students and returning domestic and international students. The deadline to opt in to the Winter Payment Plan is January 30, 2023.

* Please note: Students who have an outstanding balance are not eligible for the Winter 2023 Payment Plan.

For students who enrol in the regular session, the Payment Plan schedule is as follows:

  • 50% of fees will be due by January 31, 2023
  • 25% of fees will be due by February 15, 2023
  • The outstanding balance will be due by February 28, 2023

For students who take courses only in the compressed session A (January 9 – February 24), the Payment Plan is as follows:

  • 50% of fees will be due by January 31, 2023
  • The outstanding balance will be due by February 15, 2023

Students receiving OSAP

If you're enrolled in the Winter term and are receiving OSAP, Sheridan should receive your fee payment directly from OSAP by February 15, 2023. Students are encouraged to check their Account Summary once their OSAP funding has been released, to ensure that their fees have been paid. If you’re receiving OSAP and have opted into the Payment Plan, any outstanding Winter fees must be paid by February 28, 2023, to avoid the late fee charge of $150.

Students receiving OSAP who are not enrolled in the Payment Plan will have to pay full fees by February 15, 2023.

Students using RESP funds

To withdraw money from your RESP account, your financial institution requires proof that you are enrolled at Sheridan. Staff at the Office of the Registrar can provide you with a letter confirming your enrolment or complete the necessary documentation from your financial institution. Check with your financial institution to confirm what you need as proof of enrolment.

Students who are awaiting funds through scholarships or RESPs are required to pay a $250 tuition deposit by the due date specified on the fee estimate.

It is your responsibility to pay all other outstanding fees to Sheridan by the dates above or otherwise specified on your fee estimate.

OSAP tuition deferrals

Students who apply for assistance from the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) may be eligible to defer payment of fees until receipt of their OSAP funds. All OSAP recipients who wish to defer their tuition fees must:

  • Make a $250 non-refundable down payment by the deadline specified on their fee estimate
  • Apply for OSAP at ontario.ca/OSAP
  • Submit their OSAP application and follow the instructions on the OSAP website

The OSAP application states that the Ministry may use a portion of your OSAP funding to pay, on your behalf, your tuition and compulsory fees directly to your school.

OSAP applications may take 4–6 weeks to process during peak periods. The OSAP Aid Estimator will help you to plan financially for the cost of postsecondary education at Sheridan.

If you are ineligible for OSAP or if your OSAP funds are not sufficient to cover your tuition, it is your responsibility to pay all outstanding fees to Sheridan by the dates below to avoid late fee charges:

  • Outstanding Winter 2023 fees : Due by January 31, 2023

Payment of the $250 deposit towards tuition is a commitment to attend Sheridan College. Students who either do not receive financial assistance, or for other reasons, wish to withdraw from a program must notify the Office of the Registrar in writing by the published withdrawal dates. The Ministry of Colleges and Universities states that partial refunds are only possible if such withdrawal requests are made by the 10th day of class. The student is accountable for all outstanding fees should this process not be followed.

Sheridan also publishes withdrawal dates that enable a student to withdraw without academic penalty later in the term – fees are not refunded in these situations.

Failure to pay your fees by the deadline will result in an additional $150 late fee.

Please refer to our Financial Aid page for other important details regarding OSAP and other sources of financial assistance.

Late fees

Failure to pay your outstanding fees by the date noted on your invoice will result in a $150 late charge. Your enrolment in the planned and scheduled courses could also be impacted as space may no longer be available in all the required courses.

If you are not enrolled in all your courses but are still considered registered in a full-time course load, you will not be issued a refund of tuition and you will be required to pick up these courses at a later term at an additional cost to you. These courses are a requirement of your program for graduation and, in some cases, may only be offered in specific terms, making enrolment in these courses difficult.

There could be further impacts to your progress in the program, especially if the course missed is a pre- or co-requisite for a future course term enrolment. To avoid additional costs and complexity, please arrange to pay your fees by the deadlines.

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