Interactive Media Management (formerly Interactive Multimedia)

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Develop superior New Media programming skills.

Note: This program was formerly named Interactive Multimedia.


Industry professionals recognize Sheridan as the best interactive multimedia college in Canada. In the Interactive Media Management program (formerly Interactive Multimedia), students learn to create, manage and develop Web and mobile content leveraging a curriculum in usability, interactivity, Web programming, social media, and emerging mobile technologies in an interdisciplinary, inter-professional collaborative learning environment.

Creative innovation and problem solving typify all interactive multimedia courses at Sheridan. You’ll develop superior new media skills in this intensive one-year graduate program, learning to combine graphics, text, animation, audio and video to produce:

  • Web and mobile applications
  • Games and puzzles
  • Rich media
  • Artistic and experimental work
  • Simulations for education and entertainment
  • Interactive television

Build Environments from the Ground Up

Students learn to build interactive multimedia environments from the ground up, using industry best practices for interface design and interactive programming. The curriculum teaches how to use HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and APIs to design and build traditional digital media, mobile web, natural user interfaces (NUI) utilizing emerging technologies of multi touch, gesture capture and mediated reality.

Students acquire valuable experience by working with real-world clients, managing a complete project through all phases—from needs analysis to conceptualization, visual design, prototyping, development, testing and on-time delivery. Past clients have included the Canadian Football League (CFL), Ontario Block Parent, Halton Region Police Services, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, TVOntario and the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

Classes are small and intimate, ensuring plenty of direct student-instructor interaction. There's no better place to prepare for an interactive media career. Come see why Sheridan is widely recognized as the best.

Interactive Media Management Program courses are held at the Trafalgar Road Campus in Oakville, Ontario.

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The successful completion of this program will enable the graduate to:

  • Produce web pages that conform to industry standards, using up to date advanced rich media programming language on both client and server sides.
  • Integrate streamed video and audio, and present information derived from databases for the development of advanced rich media web content.
  • Contribute to the production of a real-time streaming event, as an integral part of a team, using server technologies and network protocols.
  • Develop and present, as a member of a production team, rich media project proposals that include project schedules, design documents, advanced information architecture maps, use cases, marketing documents and prototype solutions that meet clients' needs.
  • Design and develop adaptive and responsive interfaces for web and mobile devices.
  • Design interactive media applications, using components, design patterns and object oriented programming techniques.
  • Evaluate one of the emerging rich media production technologies by demonstrating its use as a content development/distribution platform.
  • Assess the experience of rich media users in terms of navigation, interaction and satisfaction of user goals.
APPL57198 Web Application Development 4
DSGN53871  Web Design 1 3
MGMT53567 Project Management 1 2
INFO56206 Interaction Design & User Experience 4
APPL50229 Interactive Coding 1 6
DSGN54178 Technology Design Studio 1 2
MEDA53431 Audio/Video 1
Total: 22
APPL57545 Mobile Application Development 4
DSGN52652 Web Design 2 3
MGMT55035 Project Management 2 3
DSGN58634 Mobile Design 3
APPL58263 Interactive Coding 2 6
DSGN55288 Technology Design Studio 2 4
Audio/Video 2
Total: 24

An Interactive Media Management graduate certificate from Sheridan is a huge advantage in the job market. Employers seek out our graduates for their combination of technical skill and creative problem-solving ability. Successful graduates may find employment with multimedia and web development companies; advertising agencies and new media companies; corporate environments (including creative, technical, marketing and training divisions); the increasingly important freelance market; education and government agencies; and the entertainment industry.

Examples of the companies in which graduates are employed include:

  • The Globe and Mail
  • Research in Motion (RIM)
  • CBC Kids
  • Disney Online Studios Canada
  • Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
  • The Halton Region
  • Queen's University
  • Grip Limited
  • Baby Robot
  • Shaw Communications
  • IBM Interactive
  • Cossette
  • Taxi
  • Blast Radius
  • Epiculture
  • Critical Mass
  • MacLaren McCann
  • WestJet Airlines
  • TVOntario

Stitch Media and Jam3 are industry regarded and award-winning media companies whose founders and principals are graduates of the Interactive Media Management (formerly Interactive Multimedia) Program.

IMM Graduate Success Stories

For more information about the IMM program, visit

Program Eligibility

  • Postsecondary diploma or degree
  • Demonstrated competence through related work and/or educational experience

Students are expected to have computer literacy skills prior to admission (Microsoft Windows, image editing software, Web page tools).

Applicant Selection

Eligible applicants are selected on the basis of:

  • Demonstrated competence through related work and/or educational experience
  • Response to a questionnaire
  • Review of portfolio which may include:
    • Design or visualization work (such as graphic art, posters, paintings, drawings)
    • Programming work (such as sample code in JavaScript, ActionScript, etc.)
    • Website work (such as HTML and interface work)

Preferably, the work should be digital. If you have collaborated on work then please outline what you did. If you have managed or provided marketing or editorial elements of websites or print, please provide details. The portfolio will be returned if requested.

Postsecondary transcripts, indicating courses completed to date, must be submitted to at the time of application.

Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for this program will be assessed and advised individually and may be considered for other, related programs.

For More Information:
Trafalgar Road (Oakville): 905-845-9430, ext. 2339

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