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Bring positive change to communities from the grassroots up.

The Sheridan Community Worker – Outreach and Development program equips you with skills to empower a local, regional or international community to bring about change. Learn what you need to know to facilitate and organize a grassroots effort. Get real world experience through the program’s over 575 hours of field placement. Through your community development diploma program, you'll gain skills and knowledge in:

  • Facilitating groups and workshops

  • Community economic development

  • Advocacy and conflict resolution

  • Health promotion

  • Partnership and coalition building

  • Human rights and community organizing

  • Fundraising and grant writing

  • Developing and conducting surveys

  • Community Engagement

  • Community Leadership 

  • Applied research

  • Non-profit marketing

  • Program planning

  • Participatory community development

Professors are experienced community workers. In addition to full academic qualifications, all have strong connections in the community.

Get Real World Experience Through Practicum

In Year 2 you'll engage in a placement that will help build your employability skill-set.  You'll spend two days per week in field placement in Term 3, and in Term 4 field placement is three days per week plus one block week.

Completion of field practicum is a mandatory program requirement.  Progression and graduation are not possible without completion of a field practicum.  Many field practicums require a Vulnerable Sectors Check (VSC), Criminal Reference Check (CRC), Child Welfare Check (CWC) and/or current health requirements check.  In the event that you have any of these checks resulting in a "possible match" or “police contact” record(s), the decision about whether you are accepted for field practicum falls to the community partner. (The community partner may require you to disclose the particulars of your record; you have the right to not make this disclosure. If the community partner denies you the field practicum based on a "possible match" or “police contact” record(s) or a lack of disclosure, you will not be able to complete your field practicum with that community partner and, therefore, may be unable to complete your credential).  Please be advised that such records may constrain opportunities in various sectors of the profession. 


Awards are granted in this program based on community leadership and academic excellence.

University Links

The Community Worker-Outreach and Development diploma program has an Articulation Agreement with Athabasca University. Credits count toward the Bachelor of Professional Arts in the Human Service Major program.

The Community Worker-Outreach and Development program is available at the Sheridan Davis Campus, Brampton, Ontario.

Program Outcomes:

  • Work with communities to build change strategies that promote social and economic justice and challenge patterns of oppression and discrimination.
  • Create a community engagement plan utilizing principles of community leadership and volunteer management.
  • Plan, design and manage a fundraising project using creative and effective techniques and strategies.
  • Develop competency in community work roles ranging from direct service to classical advocacy and organizing.
  • Analyze social inequalities and demonstrate creativity in meeting community needs.
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with colleagues, supervisors, and community partners.
  • Develop a community outreach plan in response to a community issue using marketing techniques with a social justice lens.
  • Facilitate conflict resolution and consensus building among groups and individuals through effective mediation strategies and skills.


HEAL 17629 Health Promotion and the Lifecycle 3
PSRV 12511 Community Engagement 3
COMM 19999 Essential Communication Skills 3
SOCI16039  Introduction to Sociology 3
SOCI 13767  Human Rights and Community Organizing
CSRV 10016 Introduction to Community Work 3



CSRV 12935 Advocacy: Power and the Community 3
CSRV 12289 International Community Development 3
CSRV 14601 Foundations of Counselling 3
CSRV 10738 Group Facilitation 3
CSRV 14115  Community Based Research  3
GNED General Education Elective 3



PSRV 13566 Mediation and Conflict Resolution 3
CSRV 12903 Non-Profit Marketing and Community Outreach  3
PSRV 18783 Fundraising and Grantwriting 3
BUSM 11249 Community Leadership 3
FLPL 28350 Practicum Seminar 1 2
FLPL 29901 Practicum 1 8



CSRV 20441 Advanced Issues in Community Development 3
PSRV 15037 Program Planning and Evaluation 3
FLPL 25524 Practicum Seminar 2: Community Outreach 3
FLPL 22361 Practicum 2: Community Outreach 9
GNED General Education Elective 3


Note: Courses subject to change.

A Sheridan education enhances your job prospects. When you complete your Community Worker diploma program, you'll be qualified to work in the following areas:

  • Community engagement and consultation

  • Group facilitation

  • Non-profit marketing

  • Fundraising and proposal writing 

  • Health promotion

  • Resource creation

  • Conflict resolution

  • Program planning

  • Community engagement

Our graduates work in both profit and non-profit human service organizations including such employers as The Boys and Girls Club, Region of Peel, Salvation Army, various food banks and public housing and others.

"The Community Worker program helped prepare for my current position at the Boys and Girls Club in many ways. From basic counselling skills to conflict resolution to program planning, I am well equipped to perform and contribute to my community on many levels. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to bring about sustainable community change."

- Chantelle Selkridge, 2011 Graduate 
Community Worker – Outreach and Development program

Program Eligibility

Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, including these required courses:

  • One English, Grade 12 (ENG4C or ENG4U)


Mature student status. (See "Admissions" section for details.)

Applicant Selection

Eligible applicants will be selected on the basis of their previous academic achievement (the average of their six highest senior-level credits, including required courses). 

Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for this program will be assessed and advised individually and may be considered for other, related programs.

Criminal Record Check and Immunization Requirements

Sheridan field placement agencies may require a police record check for criminal offences, a vulnerable sector check and/or a current acceptable record of immunization. Students will be required to provide this documentation directly to their field placement prior to the start of the placement and at their own expense. Students who cannot meet these requirements may have limited field placement opportunities. Please refer to Sheridan's health services' immunization information, or come in to one of the campus health centres.

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