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Bachelor of Interaction Design

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  • Courses
  • Career Opportunities
  • Admission Requirements

Get a head start in the exciting realm of interaction design.

Interaction design focuses on how people engage with all forms of digital technology,  including mobile devices, collaborative interfaces, and global networks. Interaction designers are creative problem-solvers who find new ways to integrate technology into our lives – by creating new products, developing better applications, and generating more compelling content.

In response to high employer demand, Sheridan has developed Canada’s first four-year interaction design bachelor’s degree. Our unique, multidisciplinary interaction design program cultivates a big-picture perspective and diverse set of skills, laying a foundation for interaction design careers and fostering entrepreneurship.

Interaction design courses integrate material from:

  • Design theory and process
  • Visual communication and visual culture
  • 2D and 3D design
  • Digital media design and production
  • Physical and mobile computing
  • Computer programming
  • Business practices and entrepreneurship

Resourceful and Creative

Students in the Interaction Design bachelor’s degree program will gain practical experience in all stages of the creative process, from research and planning through design and execution. The program includes a 14-week job placement between the third and fourth years. During the fourth year, students will complete a variety of projects (both individual and team-based) to develop a body of work that demonstrates their creativity, communication skills, and technological savvy.

This wide-ranging program is as adaptable as technology itself. Students will develop advanced technological literacy and use it to express their own ideas and creativity.

Bachelor of Interaction Design courses are held at the Trafalgar Road Campus in Oakville, Ontario.

Program Benefits

  • Interaction design
  • Visual communication
  • Process/Planning
  • Interactive media/computation
  • Business, including entrepreneurial practice, professionalism and leadership
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Code Title Credits

Term 1

VDES 19798
Design Fundamentals 1: Visual Language 3
VDES 10199
Interaction Design 1: Interface 3
HIST 16048
History of Computational Media 3
INFO 18081
Digital Tools 1: Image Creation and Manipulation 3
VDES 14717
Conceptual Process for Interaction 1
ENGL17889GD Composition and Rhetoric 3

Term 2

VDES 15738
Design Fundamentals 2: Typography
VDES 10918
Interaction Design 2: Navigation 3
ATDN 15892
Writing for Interaction Design 3
INFO 17198
Digital Tools 2: Sequence and Sound 3
VDES 12350
Conceptual Process for Interaction 2 3

Breadth Elective (DO) 3

Term 3

VDES 24178
Visual Design 1: Form and Content
VDES 20146
3D Design 1: Spatial Thinking and Materials 3
DESN 16206
Research Methods in Human Centered Design 3
INFO 24857
Computational Media 3
DESN 19999
Design and Systems Thinking 3

Breadth Elective (DO) 3

Term 4

VDES 25892
Visual Design 2: Visual Rhetoric 3
VDES 29207
3D Design 2: Modeling 3
DESN 10799
Contemporary Problems in Interaction Design 3
INFO 28823
Interactive Media: Motion 3
DESN 20102
Design and Information Architecture 3

Breadth Elective (DO) 3

Term 5

VDES 12550
Visualizing Information 1: Data 3
DESN 30146
Interactive Objects and Environments 1: Products 3
DESN 20123
Usability Studies 3
VDES 11322
Visual Narrative for Interaction Design
DESN 27198
Integrated System Design 1: Databases 3

Breadth Elective (DO) 3
COWT 10023  Cooperative Education Internship Forum

Term 6

VDES 23431
Visualizing Information 2: Modeling 3
DESN 37900
Interactive Objects and Environments 2: Physical Computing 3
BUSM 16767
Professional Business Practices 1 - Interaction Design  3
VDES 34444
Interactive Narrative 3
DESN 36367
Integrated System Design 2: Dynamic Data 3

Breadth Elective (DO) 3

COWT 18888                         Internship
Term 7    
VDES 45892
Collaborative Workshop 1 3
VDES 40065
Interaction Design Studies 1 3
BUSM 20172
Professional Business Practices – Interaction Design 3
BUSM 20587
Project Management 3

Breadth Elective 3

Breadth Elective 3
Term 8

VDES 43921
Collaborative Workshop 2 3
VDES 45738
Interaction Design Studies 2 3
VDES 46529
Portfolio Project 3
INFO 46859
Computation Studio 3

Breadth Elective 3

Breadth Elective 3

Note: Courses subject to change.

Graduates from the interaction design bachelor’s degree program should enjoy excellent employment prospects. Employers increasingly look for independent thinkers and creative leaders who can work across boundaries, rather than plugging into a predefined niche. Interaction design graduates will be equipped to create their own jobs, launch their own businesses, or take the lead in new industries that may not even exist yet — but will in five years.

This emerging field offers limitless creative potential and opportunities in many sectors, including:

  • Entertainment
  • Mobile computing
  • Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Marketing, product and innovation
  • Social innovation

Program Eligibility

Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, including these required courses:

  • English, Grade 12 (ENG4U)


  • One senior-level Visual Arts credit at the M or Open level
  • Four other Grade 12 subjects at the U or M level
  • Minimum 65% overall average


  • Two semesters of postsecondary education including required courses with a minimum 65% overall average

Applicant Selection

Eligible applicants are selected on the assessment of their previous academic achievement (the average of their six highest senior-level credits, including required courses).

Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for this program will be assessed and advised individually and may be considered for other, related programs.

Sheridan has been granted a consent by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to offer this applied degree for a seven-year term beginning April 24, 2012. Sheridan will ensure that all students admitted to the Bachelor of Interaction Design program during the period of consent will have the opportunity to complete the program within a reasonable time frame.

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