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Bachelor of Business Administration (Global Business Management)

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Prepare to become a leader in global business management.

Sheridan’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Global Business Management prepares you for a career in international business leadership. Business is increasingly conducted within a global framework. This four-year degree program presents concepts central to the traditional BBA and B.Com. degree programs in a global framework, strengthening their value to both students and employers. Key areas of focus include:

  • International marketing
  • International supply chain management including purchasing, transportation, distribution and logistics
  • International finance
  • Strategic management
  • Cross-cultural communications skills

The degree weaves inductive teaching methods, such as inquiry-based and problem-based methodologies to create authentic real-world, professionally relevant contexts for learning. This approach fosters student success promoting accountability, responsible risk taking, and collaboration.

Classes are small to allow maximum interaction with professors and courses are presented in a mobile learning environment where you will collaborate with classmates on laptop-based assignments and have 24/7 access to class materials.

Teaching methods include:

  • Learning through case study analysis
  • Adventure Learning
  • Creative Learning Portfolio
  • Presentations by guest speakers
  • Industry group projects
  • Business strategy simulations

Industry Project

During your final semester, you'll gain further real world experience by collaborating with a local, internationally-operating company on an international business project. This undertaking gives you an opportunity to integrate core business learning, experience gained through your work term, and knowledge acquired in your global business management classes.

Cooperative Placement and Study Abroad

The program includes one, four-month co-op work placement at the end of semester 6. This placement is an excellent opportunity to use your newly acquired knowledge of global business management. In addition, in Year 3, you'll have the option to study for one semester at the Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands (HAN University). This opportunity will build your understanding of international business from the European perspective.

Industry Professional Accreditations

Students will be advised of pathways to various industry accreditations such as offered by the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT), Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT), The Supply Chain Management Association (CMAC) and The Association for Operations Management (APICS). As a graduate, you'll be able to enter post-graduate degree programs at  Canadian universities including in Ontario, as well as selected international universities.

The Global Business Management program is located at the Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga, Ontario.

  • Develop a comprehensive, strategic international business plan for a corporate provider.
  • Create a comprehensive international marketing strategy or campaign for a corporate provider.
  • Organize all aspects of the global supply chain to optimize customer satisfaction while managing limited resources.
  • Manage all regulatory and legal challenges encountered in the global environment.
  • Interpret complex numeric and financial data for strategic and operational decision-making.
  • Evaluate comprehensive international business situations including complex economic impacts and future strategic planning.
  • Interact effectively at all operational levels and functions of business in an international environment.
  • Evaluate alternative information and database systems as critical tools of competitive advantage.
  • Deliver a multifaceted global business project in a timely manner, by applying project management tools ad techniques.
  • Develop strategies to negotiate and conduct business in a multicultural setting that recognize the complexities of diverse regulatory regimes, cross-culture environments as well as social linguistic diversity.
  • Work collaboratively on team projects and research assignments.


BUSM 14998 Introduction to Business 3
MATH 15738 Business Mathematics 3
INFO 19599 Computer Information Systems 3
HRMT 19207 Organizational Behaviour 3
ENGL 17889GD Composition and Rhetoric 3


MKTG 18448 Introduction to Marketing 3
CULT 13921 Managing and Communicating Across Cultures 3
MATH 15892 Quantitative Methods 3
SOCS 17370GD Applied Research Methods 3
ECON 10036 Microeconomics 3


INFO 26206 Business Information Systems 3
ACCG 19798 Financial Accounting 3
ECON 16048 Macroeconomics 3
MGMT 25586 Operations Management 3
SOCI 17221GD Principles of Sociology 3


BUSM 29999 Global Business Environment 3
MKTG 20102 International Market Research and Methods 3
BUSM 27900 Introduction to Global Supply Chain Management 3
ACCG 18823 Managerial Accounting 3
  Liberal Studies Elective 3


MKTG 29402 Global Marketing 3
BUSM 21975 Global Warehousing & Inventory Management 3
ECON 38081 International Economics and Trade Theory 3
FINA 23796 Financial Management 3
  Liberal Studies Elective 3


MKTG 36048 Global Distribution Channels 3
FINA 30065 Global Finance 3
BUSM 20004 Global Sourcing & Purchasing Management 3
LAWS 16529 Legal Aspects of International Business 3
HUMN 15817GD International Politics 3
  14-Week Co-op Work Term


BUSM20493 International Transportation 3
BUSM 30065 Global Value Chain Assessment and Process Management 3
FINA 39798 International Payments and Collections 3
MGMT 40172 Global Strategic Planning 3
  Liberal Studies Elective 3


MGMT 40146 Global Business Project 6
MGMT 26367 Leadership Development and Change Management 3
LAWS 27900 Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility 3
  Liberal Studies Elective 3

Note: Courses subject to change.

"UPS is growing as a leader in designing and supplying Global Supply Chain solutions for our customers. Graduates of Sheridan's Global Business Management Bachelor Degree Program will be well-equipped to meet our future employment needs."
- Brent McColl
VP Industrial Engineering,
UPS Canada Global Supply Chain Solutions

Sheridan prepares you to excel in the real world. When you graduate from the Global Business Management program, you'll be ready to begin your career in entry-level positions in any of the following areas:

  • Sales and account management
  • Market research
  • Product management
  • Marketing management
  • Materials management (e.g. purchasing and inventory management or warehouse and distribution management)
  • Transportation
  • Business analysis
  • International banking and trade finance
  • Government ministries dealing with international trade
  • Foreign embassy and consulate trade offices
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