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Faculty Profiles

Elsayed Mahmond

El Sayed Mahmoud

Professor, School of Applied Computing

In 2006, El Sayed started graduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Guelph, where he also worked as a research assistant. He completed his Master’s degree in 2008 and immediately started his PhD, also at Guelph. Until his graduation in 2012, El Sayed held six teaching assistant positions for computer programming courses and several research assistant positions.

Prior to his return to post secondary studies, El Sayed Mahmoud worked as a software developer at ECS (a software company in Egypt). Three years later he became a computer instructor at AICT, a multi-location computer institute that carries certified partnerships with Microsoft and Edexcel in the Middle East. There, El Sayed was promoted to Branch Manager with the responsibility of managing a two-year computing diploma program at one campus, developing financial and grading management software, and teaching various computing courses. El Sayed achieved Microsoft-certified trainer status, and was promoted to Regional Manager. He successfully managed the two-year diploma program and taught courses on several campuses.

After returning to school to pursue his doctorate in Computer Science, El Sayed joined Sheridan College in 2013 as a professor of applied computing.  

El Sayed’s research interests include machine learning and multi-objective optimization using genetic algorithms. His current research focuses on developing robust machine learning algorithms that address challenging patterns in health, business and privacy applications. He has published six peer-reviewed papers and presented four seminars on machine learning at international conferences.