The Gallery Exhibition Schedule 2016/2017

Join us this year for a sensational series of student, alumni and faculty exhibitions and see what makes Sheridan’s Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design such a unique artistic environment. Sheridan’s Gallery is an exhibition space that showcases emerging student artists and helps bring to life Sheridan’s innovative and energetic arts community. As well as encouraging cross-disciplinary creativity, the Gallery highlights curriculum-based student work and supports a variety of exhibition related learning experiences to  reinforce the relationship between learning institute, industry and community. 

The Gallery mandate is to educate, surprise and expose students and visitors to art and design while reflecting a variety of ideas, cultures and media.

All exhibitions installed and designed by Jamie Owen, Gallery Installation Designer.


Summer/ Fall 2016

Please note that the Gallery is closed over the summer and fall semester. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2017.