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Happy End

Streaming May 27–June 1, 2022 on Vimeo.

By: Elisabeth Hauptmann
Music and Lyrics: Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht
English adaptation by: Michael Feingold
Director: Allyson McMackon
Music Director: Jonathan Corkal
Set Designer: Brandon Kleiman
Costume Designer: Katrina Carrier
Lighting Designer: Michelle Ramsay
Audio Designer & Post-Production Audio Engineer: Tim Lindsay
Broadcast Video Director & Video Editor: Scott Herkes

Happy End is a play about music, capitalism, spiritual and gang-land armies, and theatre. Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht’s attempt at a follow-up to the very successful Threepenny Opera follows the romance between a Salvation Army worker and gang leader and features the exquisite Surabaya Johnny, Bilbao Song and Mandalay Song. While seeming familiar to fans of Guys and Dolls, Happy End pre-dates it by 21 years and is fuelled at once by Brecht’s desire to dismantle political structures and Weill’s music that drives narrative structure and character. Overshadowed by Threepenny Opera, Happy End is a “young” musical, a melodrama, a romp and an examination of corruption and power... all at once.

Presented under license from European American Music Corporation, on behalf of The Kurt Weill Foundation for Music, Inc. and the Brecht Heirs.

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