Office of the Provost + VP Academic

The Provost and Vice President Academic provides support and leadership to the Academic Community at Sheridan.

Dr. Janet Morrison
Provost and Vice President Academic (effective November 28, 2016)

Patricia Vivacqua
Executive Assistant to the PVPA and Recording Secretary of the Senate, Ext. 2705

Dr. Melanie Spence-Ariemma
Vice Provost, Ext. 4226

Ailsa Goncalves
Assistant to the Vice Provost, Ext. 2057

Maria Lucido Bezely
Dean, Students, Ext. 2653

Patricia Chiasson
Assistant to the Dean, Students, Ext. 2532

Sheila Shaver
Secretary to Senate and Manager, Office of the Provost and VPA, Ext. 2060

Brian Jervis
Associate VP, Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities (SRCA), Ext. 2596

Cheryle Moreau
Assistant to the AVP, SRCA, Ext. 4212

Sara Rumsey
Vision Transition Project Manager, Ext. 2854

Hasan Malik
Associate VP, Academic Pathways & Planning and Faculty of Continuing & Professional Studies (FCAPS), Ext. 2317

Natalie Manrique
Assistant to AVP, Academic Pathways & Planning and FCAPS, Ext. 5741

Provost and Vice President Academic Organization Chart