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Sheridan Senate 2017–2018

Name  Email Role Ext
Ex-Officio Voting Senators
Mary Preece       President / Chair 4020
Janet Morrison Provost & VP Academic / Vice-Chair 4061
Melanie Spence-Ariemma Vice Provost 4226
Brian Jervis AVP, SRCA 2596
Joan Sweeney-Marsh Director, Library & Learning Services 2480
Jack Urowitz President, Union Local 244 2832
Maria Lucido Bezely  Dean, Students 2653
Sandy McKean
Dean, PSB 8088
Yael Katz Dean, FHASS 2394
Michael O’Leary Dean, FAHCS 5001
Ronni Rosenberg Dean, FAAD 2621
Iain McNab Dean, FAST 5040
Donna Braggins Associate Dean, FAAD 2198
Phil Stubbs Associate Dean, FAST 2203
Sean McNabney Associate Dean, FHASS 2045
Rob Giberson Associate Dean, PSB 5083
Sherri Steele Associate Dean, FAHCS 2431
Linda Dalton Registrar 2109
Ex-Officio Non Voting Senators
Mike Allcott Dean, International 2801
Ian Marley VP, Student Affairs & Information Technology 4140
Megan Mascarin VP, Human Resources & Equity 2163
André Plante AVP, Corporate Planning, Facilities and Sustainability 2558
Wayne Steffler VP, Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer 4141
Faculty Senators
Carol Tuck-Riggs Faculty, PSB 5349
Doug Greenwood Faculty, PSB 2911
Ginger Grant Faculty, PSB 2564
Fred Koch Faculty, PSB 5155
Kellie Hayward Faculty, PSB 5120
Lorraine Cipparrone Faculty, PSB 5099
John Hardisty Faculty, PSB 2710
Ross Geddes Faculty, PSB 2165
Paul Sarkissian Faculty, PSB (NFT)
El Sayed Mahmoud Faculty, FAST 5050
Aravind Venkatapathy Faculty, FAST 5013
Khaled Mahmud Faculty, FAST 2061
Vito Picicci Faculty, FAST 5137
Katherine Rankin Faculty, FAST 5303
Mozammel Khan Faculty, FAST 5174
David Fraser Faculty, FAST 8128
Brian Pham Faculty, FAST 5604
Michael Kukhta Faculty, FAST (NFT) 32335
Alexander Hollenberg Faculty, FHASS 2954
Anna Boshnakova Faculty, FHASS 2342
Mauro Marsella Faculty, FHASS 2043
Sean Saunders Faculty, FHASS 5608
Jaime Ginter Faculty, FHASS  
Michele Lemon Faculty, FHASS (NFT) 33076
Jim Mactaggart Faculty, FAHCS (NFT) 5293
Christine terSteege Faculty, FAHCS 5498
Paul Hommersen Faculty, FAHCS, Deputy Speaker 5427
Charles Lawrence Faculty, FAHCS 5143
Lisa Phyllis Faculty, FAHCS 5389
Nellie Sheppard Faculty, FAHCS 5487
Ferzana Chaze Faculty, FAHCS 5708
Malene Stewart Faculty, FAHCS 2350
Monica Lysack Faculty, FAHCS, Speaker 2309
Mark Komza Faculty, FAAD 2217
Hyein Lee Faculty, FAAD 2676
Kathleen Cummins Faculty, FAAD 2403
Eva MacNeil Faculty, FAAD 2519
Stuart McGinness Faculty, FAAD 2178
Myles Bartlett Faculty, FAAD 8737
Tony Tarantini Faculty, FAAD 2195
James Irwin Faculty, FAAD 2736
Mary-Lu Zahalan Faculty, FAAD 2711
Alan Flint Faculty, FAAD (NFT) 33135
John Ferguson Faculty, CTL 2916
Kanchan Kurichh Counsellor, Faculty 5509
Claire Wollen Library, Faculty 5193
Student Senators (5 of 10 voting)
Jatin Jatin FAST  
Derek Ford FAST  
Roxanne Dubé FAHCS  
Thomas Howe FAHCS  
Len Walker FHASS
Marina Daniel PSB  
Brianna Murphy PSB  
Huma Farrukh FAAD  
Scott Wilson FAAD  
Sheila Shaver Secretary of Senate 2060
Tracy Smith Recording Secretary of the Senate 2324
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