Sheridan Senate

Sheridan Senate

About the Senate

Sheridan Senate approves Academic Policies and presents Academic Programming recommendations to the Board of Governors through the Academic and Student Affairs Committee of the Board.

  • The Chair of Senate is our President and Vice Chancellor
  • The Vice Chair of Senate is our Provost and VP Academic
  • Speaker of Senate (elected annually from voting Senators)
  • Deputy Speaker of Senate (elected annually from voting Senators)


Senate meets on the fourth Thursday of each month from September to May, and on the third Thursday of June. (Senate does not meet in the month of December.)

Senate Authority

The CAAT Policy Framework and the Senate Board of Governors gives the authority to the Sheridan Senate (formerly Academic Council) to assume the powers and duties as outlined in the Terms of Reference for Senate (approved June 1, 2016 by the Board of Governors).


Today, the Senate is made up of 72 voting members, including:

  • 43 FT faculty (including 1 counsellor, 1 library staff, and 1 faculty member from the Centre for Teaching and Learning)
  • 5 NFT faculty
  • 5 student votes (10 student members with a maximum of 5 votes for any one decision), and;
  • 19 Ex-Officio members

Faculty (full-time and non-full-time) membership is determined within each Academic Faculty and FT representation numbers are proportionate to the number of FT faculty in each Faculty. A formal election is held each spring with electronic voting taking place through Access Sheridan.

Ex-Officio voting members of Senate include the:

  • President and Vice Chancellor, who is Chair
  • Provost, and Vice President Academic, who is Vice-Chair
  • Vice Provost
  • Associate Vice President Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities
  • Director, Library and Learning Services
  • Registrar
  • Dean of Students
  • Post-Secondary Faculty (Academic) Deans – five (5)
  • Academic Associate Deans – six (6)
  • Associate VP Academic Quality, and
  • President, Union Local 244

Voting members on Senate normally serve a three-year term and are eligible to serve one additional 3-year term. Ex-officio Senators remain on Senate as long as they hold their position at Sheridan.

Ex-Officio Non-voting members are:

  • Senior VP, Finance and Administration
  • VP, Student Affairs and Enrolment Management
  • VP, Advancement and External Relations
  • Associate Vice President Academic Pathways and Planning
  • Associate Vice President, Corporate Planning; and
  • Director of International Services

There are 6 Standing Committees of Senate:

  • Academic Appeals Committee
  • Academic Policy Committee
  • Learning partnerships and Academic Pathways Committee
  • Program Quality Assurance Committee
  • Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities Committee

Standing Committees of Senate meet monthly and report to Senate.

Each Academic Faculty has its own Local Academic Council (LAC), which does work similar to that of the Senate at the local level with membership including significant cross representation between the Faculty LAC and the Senate for alignment and communication purposes.

For additional information, contact the Secretary of Senate, Sheila Shaver at or 905-845-9430 x 2060