Sheridan 2019-2024

Strategic Plan

Sheridan | 2024 Defining our Future - Janet Morrison


Sheridan is embarking on an exciting and engaging process to develop our new, five-year Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan will clarify our institutional vision, mission and values. It will align with – and help fuel – Sheridan’s Academic Plan, which remains our blueprint for teaching and learning.

Over the next few months, there will be many opportunities to participate in strategic conversations about our future through online big questions, interviews, focus groups or in dynamic “strategy hives”.

Together with our Board of Governors, I invite you to actively participate in this highly consultative and creative process. It will fundamentally shape our future through to 2024 so broad engagement from across our learning community is key.

Dream big. Be bold. Share your ideas. The future is ours to define it.


Big Questions

From mid-October to mid-November, we asked three provocative questions to identify themes and potential directions to explore. This process yielded 741 thoughtful responses from our community, which are being used to shape the discussion at our focus groups.

Attend a Focus Group

Building on what we learn through our Big Questions, we’ll distill and validate what our community is thinking through guided discussions.

The Mechanics

A project this important needs to be carefully orchestrated to ensure it’s consultative, collaborative and on track. Learn more about the people and planned steps that are facilitating the process.