Community Wellness Strategy


Creating Sheridan's

Community Wellness Strategy


The Sheridan community cares deeply about health and wellness. We want our campuses to be supportive spaces that foster everyone’s mental, physical and social well-being -- opening up boundless opportunities for learning, engagement, and innovation to flourish. That’s why Sheridan’s bold new Strategic Plan makes wellness a top priority in the next chapter of our evolution.

As part of the goals outlined in the plan, Sheridan is embarking on a college-wide wellness strategy – one that will propel vibrant campuses across Sheridan grounded in the key principles outlined in the Okanagan Charter.

Over the past two years, we heard from over 3,000 voices in our community – students, employees, and external stakeholders – about what wellness should look like at Sheridan. Together with the best practices for well-being on campus laid out in the Okanagan Charter, this feedback has shaped the first iteration of Sheridan’s Community Wellness Strategy.

A first version of the strategy is available to download here

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Wellness Circle 

Our Four Priority Areas

Sheridan’s draft strategy is focused on developing key objectives that align with the following four priorities

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    Whole Systems Approach

    1.  Design and commit to an inclusive, holistic approach to wellness, and ensure all policy, procedures and plans account for their impact on health and wellness.

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    Healthy Supportive Environment

    2.  Ensure our campuses promote wellness through natural, cultural, and built environments that support everyone’s success.

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    Opportunities for Learning

    3.  Equip everyone at Sheridan with wellness knowledge and tools, and engage them in nurturing a healthy community.

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    Inclusive Wellness Services

    4.  Enhance the health and wellness services we provide to both students and employees, ensuring they are inclusive, accessible, and proactively foster our community’s well-being.