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Presidential Search 2018

Bryan Dawson Chairman Board of Governors Sheridan College

Message from the Chair

The Board of Governors is actively in the process of recruiting Sheridan’s eighth President and Vice Chancellor. The Board has hired Executive Search firm PhelpsGroup to assist with this important task. Our lead consultants are Heather Connelly and Jayson Phelps.

Position Profile

The background work started in the spring of 2017, when all Sheridan employees were invited to complete an online, anonymous questionnaire. It asked about the qualities employees would like to see in their next leader, as well as their opinions on the core responsibilities associated with the role. Focus groups for faculty, support staff, administration and students at Sheridan’s Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville Campuses were held to refine the input. Additional 1:1 interviews were conducted with leaders on campus. Using this input, the position profile was created and the key selection criteria were finalized.

To view a copy of the position profile, please click here.

Search Process

The Board of Governors is working toward a goal of hiring Sheridan’s next President by September or October, 2018.
With the assistance of PhelpsGroup, the Board will develop a list of candidates, who will then be short-listed so that interview rounds may begin. One, final preferred candidate will be presented to the Board of Governors for approval.

Search Committee

The Presidential Search Committee is charged with identifying the candidate who best fits the position profile, which was developed with the input of the Sheridan community. The Committee is instructed to keep all of its discussions and documents strictly confidential.

Members of the panel include representation from the Board, faculty, staff, Senate, and student body The full list of members includes:

  • Bryan Dawson, Chair, Board of Governors
  • Steve Boone, Vice Chair, Board of Governors
  • Wayne Steffler, Treasurer, Board of Governors, Vice President Finance and Administration and CFO
  • Elizabeth Benson, Secretary, Board of Governors
  • John Fleming, Governor
  • Nancy Heath, Support Staff Representative, Board of Governors
  • Yael Katz, Dean FHASS
  • Monica Lysack, Senate Speaker
  • Enrique Ponce, President, Sheridan Student Union
  • Jack Urowitz, President, Union Local 244

Contact Information

Elizabeth Benson, Secretary, Sheridan Board of Governors
905-815-4021 or
Heather Connelly or Jayson Phelps