Sheridan Stories

The best way to get to know the real Sheridan? Check out the experiences of the people who work and learn here. By sharing their stories, we also share ours.

Sheridan student documentaries airing on CBC

Daniela Pinto always knew she wanted to make a difference in the world, but it wasn’t until she began studying at Sheridan that she discovered the best way to do it.

Purposeful Programs

Brian’s road to success hasn’t exactly been straightforward. Before enrolling in the York University/Sheridan College Program in Design, he was a Civil Engineering graduate out of ...

Great Undergraduate Teaching

Coming from a bigger university with 350 students in a single, first-year class made Ben feel more like a number than a student.

Ready for the next level

Inspired by her professors, Lana Socha worked on such exciting exercise and health promotion initiatives as the MoveU project at Sheridan. She’s ready for her next challenge — tackling childhood obesity and furthering her studies.

Big Student Life

When Enrique was researching programs, he heard a lot of good things about Sheridan’s student culture, and about the quality of social interaction and engagement on campus.

Leaving a legacy

At Sheridan, Paulina Juszcak has created a legacy. Her research recommendations on creativity and innovation in business schools are being added to Sheridan’s business degrees — leaving her mark on Sheridan and the business world.

Engaged in learning

If Hillary Johnson had to choose one word to describe her program, what would it be?

Engaging, she says.

Tailor-made education

Tameka Salmon knows how to multi-task. Besides being a student in Sheridan’s BBA Supply Chain Management program, Tameka is a wife and a mother to two young daughters.

A passion for policing

Vikramjeet Dhaliwal’s journey to policing hasn’t been a typical one. Born in Punjab, India, Vikram began his career as a dentist.

Learning beyond the classroom

James Babarinde is loving his Sheridan experience — both inside and outside the classroom. From playing and coaching soccer to co-founding the Smash Stress club, he’s helping students beat stress and building a great school community.

Hack attack!

The coolest competition on a keyboard just might be Sheridan’s Capture the Flag IT Security contest, where IT students (ethically) hack and crack and their way to computer glory.

Soaring into his future

Kabir Rathaur Bageria’s childhood dream was to be a pilot. But he changed course when he discovered journalism. At Sheridan, he combined his two loves by interning for an aviation show. He’s now soaring into a bright future.

Drawing on desire

From rejected artist to big-time success, David Soren’s animation career reads a bit like a Hollywood movie. Now he’s made one of his own at Dreamworks.

Creative sparks

Yael gets inspired when it comes to creativity. She is the Chair of the cross-faculty “Creativity Working Group” and responsible for helping faculty integrate creativity into Sheridan’s programs.

From high-risk to high-reward

The Iron John program gives at-risk kids a chance at a better life. It also gave volunteer and policing student Diego Alfaro a chance to grow in a better officer — and mentor.

Deep connections

First-year engineering student Hargurdeep is a big believer in the future of 3D printing ― and the power of good-old-fashioned networking, having created an association to enable professional connections.

Making college matter

You have to attend an Ivy-league school to make it big in business, right? Randy Pilon is having none of that. This Sheridan marketing grad leveraged his education — and gumption — to build a multimillion dollar company from scratch.

A performer in human performance

Trevor created a pioneering new degree in human performance at Sheridan that has become a model in the field. He also teaches future leaders in nutrition, health and athletics.

The art of community engagement

Sheridan professor Abigail Salole inspires her students to action with Photovoice, an exhibition created by her community workers class to tackle vital social issues.

Live. And learn

Online learning is booming. And Sheridan is busy crafting opportunities to move your carer ahead without leaving the important things in your life behind.

Can learning save lives? (Absolutely)

If you had to perform first aid to save a life, would you know what to do? Fear not. Velma Ganassini and Sheridan students created interactive videos to teach you how.

Art with heart

As part of a graduate class project designing furniture for a children’s palliative of care hospice, Simon and Lauren created a beautiful ‘cloud table’ to give wheelchair users a wider range of motion.

A new approach to autism

Michelle’s book, Autism: A Montessori Approach, changed how Montessori schools develop social skills, launched her career as a consultant, and sparked her creation of the Toronto Montessori School for Autism.

Research with heart

For some, research is an exercise in theory. For others, like Dr. Kirsten Madsen, it is a calling — and powerful way to create real change in real people and their communities.

Opportunities rock

Crystal Bennett knows opportunity doesn’t just fall from trees. As a marketing student, she had to manufacture her own extracurricular pursuits. Now it’s her job to create them for all students in the Faculty of Business.

Keeper of the Cup

After graduating from Business Administration
and Accounting at Sheridan, Phil landed one of
the best jobs, well, anywhere. He protects
hockey’s Holy Grail ― the Stanley Cup.

Gaming changer

After 15 years of campaigning, Sheridan
professor and game enthusiast Avrim helped
the school launch a four-year Bachelor of
Game Design degree, the first of its kind...

Drawing on inspiration

Joe is an award-winning, internationally
acclaimed illustrator, and legendary professor
in Sheridan’s animation department. Teaching
has inspired his practice, and his practice has...

Connecting people with creativity

As the Associate Dean of Visual and Performing Arts, Michael shows students how to realize their full potential through the arts — and change the world one audience at a time.

Recreating himself. Helping others

Mafhuz put his creativity, values and Business Marketing education into action: first to reinvent himself, and then to give back by creating Project Reinvention — an outreach program for high school and college students.

Back in the game

Ali Palmer can still remember the moment she tore her ACL and meniscus. It was September 6, 2014: the first game of her second season playing varsity soccer for the Sheridan Bruins.

Eclectic and electric

What do flash mobs, bake sales and Santa Claus have in common? The effervescent Quan Luu, marketing student and founder of QT Events club at Sheridan.