Trailblazing Education: Innovating curriculums for tomorrow's leaders

May 30, 2024
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Sheridan is reshaping the future of education, integrating groundbreaking innovations into our curriculums to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.

As Sheridan launches its new plan Sheridan 2027 - Galvanizing Education, it is spotlighting key successes from Sheridan’s previous plan Sheridan 2024, achieved during a period of unprecedented challenges, including the impact of COVID-19. 

Despite these hurdles, Sheridan successfully led and accomplished over 230 initiatives, alongside many other instances of entrepreneurship and innovation at the faculty and local levels. These successes not just surpassed expectations, but now lay the groundwork for the future. 

These stories of innovation and impact underscore the community’s resilience and collective potential. As Sheridan introduces renewed priorities, the goal remains to build on this robust foundation, venturing even further to expand the limits of what can be accomplished together. 

Sheridan Spotlight: Innovative Curriculum Development

At the forefront of the new plan Sheridan 2027 is the 'Trailblazing Education' priority, a testament to Sheridan’s unwavering commitment to transformative learning experiences. 


“In the last five years, over 230 initiatives and projects have advanced Sheridan’s goal to create intentional impact for our learners and communities.”

In reflecting on the last five years, Sheridan’s journey has been marked by over 230 initiatives that have significantly advanced its educational offerings. Each project and achievement under this priority has laid a foundation for continuous innovation, demonstrating the capacity to adapt and excel in an evolving educational landscape. 

Some notable examples include:
- Unveiling plans for Sheridan’s S-Sense Framework 
- The launch of 22 Collaborative Online International Learning projects 
- Ranking fist for research partnerships in the 2022 edition of Research Infosource Inc.’s annual summary, Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges 
- Launching 14 new Graduate Certificate programs and Honours Baccalaureate Degrees adding more than 2,600 seats to expand learning opportunities 

Within this priority, Sheridan has several focus areas, and here, it shines a spotlight on one of the most impactful: innovative curriculum development. Sheridan is dedicated to revolutionizing the educational landscape, going beyond traditional teaching methods to inspire and equip learners for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. 

By emphasizing cutting-edge curriculum development, Sheridan sets a new benchmark for educational excellence, ensuring students are not just prepared but propelled forward into a promising future.


Nursing Education Reimagined

A prime example of our commitment in action is the revolutionary Nursing Program

This initiative has brought new technologies and methodologies to the forefront of health care education, from the HoloAnatomy Learning Platform to Monitor by Laerdal and UbiSim VR software. 

The mixed reality software better supports students as they engage in challenging courses such as anatomy and physiology. The focus on creating a realistic learning environment models after a hospital ward, ensuring that students are not just learning but experiencing the realities of healthcare. 

This success story underlines the essence of Sheridan’s strategic priority: to equip students with critical skills and hands-on experience, making them not only workforce-ready but industry leaders.

Featured outcomes:
- Enhancing nursing education and simulating real-world scenarios, Sheridan leads as the first Canadian postsecondary institution to adopt two groundbreaking technologies.
- Accelerating workforce entry, the program enables students to start their careers after just two years, addressing labor shortages effectively, or pursue a comprehensive four-year nursing degree.

“The Nursing Program highlights our dedication to pushing boundaries and preparing our students for the complexities of their future careers. This is the kind of impactful, forward-thinking education we strive for at Sheridan, setting our students apart and preparing them for a rapidly changing world.”

– Janet Morrison, Ph.D. President and Vice Chancellor
As Sheridan celebrates these achievements and looks towards the future, the community is reminded of the power of collective efforts and the importance of continuing to innovate and adapt.

The successes of the past motivate the Sheridan community for the great work ahead, ensuring that Sheridan remains a beacon of trailblazing education. Sheridan invites you to join this continuing journey, as it forges ahead, creating impactful learning experiences that will prepare students to lead and thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Explore Sheridan’s other priorities, commitments and success stories in Sheridan 2027. 


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