Chatter that Matters live podcast event group photo with Tony Chapman, Jesse Jones, and Dr. Cherie Werhun.

Sheridan sparks inspiring conversations at "Chatter that Matters — Live" podcast event

Newsroom authorby Patrick NavalJan 18, 2024
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Faced with adversity, how can individuals overcome challenges and strive for personal growth? This question took centre stage last November during the “Chatter that Matters — Live” podcast event hosted at Sheridan’s Hazel McCallion Campus.

Influential media figures Tony Chapman and Jesse Jones engaged in a live podcast recording centred around the themes of perseverance and adaptability. Chapman, known for his weekly podcast "Chatter that Matters," is renowned for his interviews with remarkable individuals who are leaders and influencers in their respective fields, offering profound life lessons along the way. Joining Chapman on stage was Jones, an extraordinary connector of worlds, branding entrepreneur, and speaker. His talent in opening inclusive dialogues bridges diverse backgrounds and perspectives, creating a space for people to engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, and learn from one another.

With students, faculty members, alumni, and industry professionals in attendance, the guest speakers offered insights into fostering positive transformations in both personal and professional life. Jones highlighted the crucial need for introspection in today's fast-paced work culture, especially for those in entrepreneurial roles. He emphasized the pressing need for increased self-analysis and self-care, stressing the importance of recognizing and attending to our own needs as individuals. This self-care, he explained, acts as the essential recharge for our creativity and innovation.

Chapman echoed this message while encouraging students to pursue dreams despite societal barriers. “If you’ve got a dream, write it down, start journaling, start manifesting. See yourself three years from now,” he urged.

Delving into the theme of education, Dr. Cherie Werhun, Sheridan’s Associate Vice Provost of Human Development and Strategic Lead for Sheridan S-Sense, joined the guest speakers to discuss the role education plays in personal development. She emphasized the need for educators to focus on the whole student, fostering a holistic approach to student development — one that encompasses self-reflection, resilience, and adaptability.

“Pausing and being able to connect with the self and being able to reflect is what drives agility and resilience,” she said. “These are the aims of programs such as Sheridan S-Sense, which focuses on these human capacities.”

During a lively Q&A session, participants engaged with the speakers on various topics, including coping with burnout, fostering creativity, and the importance of personal and professional relationships.

To listen to the episode featuring Jones and Werhun, please visit the "Chatter that Matters" website.

Learn more about Sheridan S-Sense. 

Stay connected and learn more about Jesse and Tony:

Jesse Jones: @iamjessejones
Tony Chapman: @chatterthatmatters

Special thanks to DJ Andre 905 for providing fantastic music and making the event even more memorable.

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