Galvanizing our collective future

Galvanizing education is our shared purpose. It’s our dedication to preparing learners for the future in a complex world. United in our mission and vision, galvanizing is both our bond and our commitment, guiding us forward together.

“This strategic plan represents both a renewal and an ambitious evolution of Sheridan’s last plan; it reinforces our commitment to do more than just educate. Our focus is on galvanizing learners with the resilience and skills for an ever-evolving future.”

– Dr. Janet Morrison, President and Vice Chancellor



Sheridan is the epicentre for ground-breaking, standard-setting higher education that empowers people to help shape an ever-changing world.


To cultivate highly skilled, creative and resourceful people and communities through collaboration, active learning and the relentless incubation of new ideas.

Our principles

Our principles are at the heart of everything we do; they are what we believe and guide every decision we make.


We embrace the rich diversity of Sheridan’s community to foster a strong sense of connection and ensure equal opportunities to learn, engage, thrive and succeed.

Inspired questing

We believe that with creativity, curiosity, collaboration and courage, we will fulfil individual potential and collectively find the answers to the tough questions facing our world.

Emotional acumen

We believe personal development is a lifelong endeavour. We support each other to grow, and we act with empathy, inclusiveness, fairness and awareness of the consequences of our actions.

Intentional impact

We focus on, invest in and embrace the things that matter, and we are letting go of things we no longer need.

Radical engagement

We believe that we are better humans and make more meaningful choices when we make generative connections across worldviews, life experiences, cultures and disciplines.


We believe it’s our profound responsibility to cultivate the thought leadership, personal capacity and systemic change we need to navigate and shape an uncertain world.

Mino miikana

We respect and value the history, wisdom and expertise of Indigenous peoples and see it as a core individual and collective responsibility to clear a good path (mino miikana) through leadership and action that will ensure meaningful access to Indigenous education, truth and relationships.

All-embracing excellence

We strive towards mastery in everything we do.

Strategic priorities

Trailblazing education

Goal: Create intentional impact for our learners and communities.

Outlook: We will be recognized for delivering the higher education learners need to thrive and lead in our evolving world.

Our why: Our trailblazing education sets us apart. We anticipate and meet the changing needs of our learners, employers and communities, and our transformative learning experiences prepare students to be future leaders.

Key areas of focus

  • We will continue to innovate and expand our programs with initiatives like S-Sense and Signature Learning Experiences to build advanced skills and diverse thinking in students. We will continue to solidify our role as a national leader in research and entrepreneurship while expanding career integrated learning to enrich student experiences and industry impact.

  • We will respond to student needs for flexibility and different ways of knowing by expanding blended learning options, increasing scheduling choices and adapting curriculum for more fluid pathways. We will continue to introduce dynamic, personalized student support with our Home Room initiative and enhance spaces and resources for Indigenous learners.

  • We are actively adapting our existing programs and developing new ones, embracing a whole-person approach with equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at the forefront, to address evolving workforce needs, disruptive forces like artificial intelligence and the shift towards a carbon-neutral economy.

Organizational excellence

Goal: Fuel organizational agility and operational excellence.

Outlook: We will enhance, renew and reinvest in our foundational enablers to support the achievement of our vision and mission.

Our why: Our faculty and staff are central to our success, and we are committed to providing an exceptional employee experience. We will be responsive to the ever-shifting external landscape by fostering innovation, agility and resource stewardship.

Key areas of focus

  • We will revamp administrative processes and enhance our technologies to boost efficiency and responsiveness to external changes, while prioritizing entrepreneurship and resource stewardship.

  • Through initiatives like our EDI framework, we’re committed to fostering a community integral to achieving our vision and goals. We will continue to invest in professional and personal growth, while cultivating an environment of belonging, innovation, respect and diversity.

  • As a colonial institution on Treaty lands we are committed to addressing environmental issues, decolonization and promoting sustainable development. We are advancing infrastructure renewal to support growth and enhance learner experiences, while addressing environmental challenges and reducing our footprint through our Mission Zero strategies.

Sustainable growth

Goal: Secure financial viability through responsible growth.

Outlook: We will pursue revenue growth that is smart, sustainable and aligned with our values and standards.

Our why: We will thrive in the evolving higher education landscape by diversifying and growing our enrolment and revenue. We will pursue innovative community and industry partnerships that are aligned with our values and goals to increase our reach and impact.

Key areas of focus

  • We will focus on non-traditional revenue streams, such as leveraging our strategic entrepreneurship framework, data-driven advancement strategies, and real estate partnerships, all aimed at reinvesting in Sheridan’s programs and services.

  • We will focus on an enrolment growth strategy that emphasizes academic quality, transparency, accountability, and positive student outcomes, while diversifying our markets to align with local, provincial and national labour needs.

  • We will foster strong, collaborative relationships with our community, industry and government partners through our external relations strategy and other initiatives to ensure we maximize our contribution as an engine of social, economic and community development, while enhancing a feeling of belonging as valuable contributors for our community members.

Galvanizing our future: activating Sheridan 2027

As a planning-centric organization, we recognize that it's the rich dialogue, project implementations and continuous feedback that will breathe life into our shared goals and shape our future.

We invite every member of our community to engage with this plan, ensuring it becomes a living part of our everyday narrative, not just a static page on a website or shelf.

Together, we have the power to turn our collective potential into a reality. Let’s embrace this opportunity and make Sheridan 2027 a vibrant embodiment of what we can achieve together.

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