Sustainable Growth: Strategic enrolment and student success

May 30, 2024
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Through innovative partnerships and a focus on diversifying enrolment, Sheridan is setting the stage for sustainable growth and enhanced community engagement.
As Sheridan rolls out its new strategic plan, Sheridan 2027 - Galvanizing Education, it is celebrating the significant progress made under Sheridan’s last plan, Sheridan 2024, led during a period marked by significant challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Despite these obstacles, Sheridan spearheaded and completed over 115  initiatives, among numerous acts of entrepreneurship and innovation at both faculty and local levels. 
These accomplishments have not only exceeded expectations but also act as a springboard for future growth. 

Reflecting on these achievements highlights the resilience and collective strength of the Sheridan community. As Sheridan rolls out updated priorities under Sheridan 2027, its commitment is to build upon this strong base, pushing boundaries to achieve even more together.

Sheridan Spotlight: Enriching enrolment and communities 

It is critical that under the new plan, Sheridan secures its financial viability through responsible growth. Sheridan has set out to achieve this through the strategic priority Sustainable Growth. 


In the face of an evolving higher education landscape, Sheridan is poised to thrive by diversifying and growing enrollment and revenue streams. Sheridan’s strategy includes forging innovative community and industry partnerships that resonate with its values and goals, significantly expanding its reach and impact. 

Over the past five years, Sheridan has launched 115 initiatives under the priority of Sustainable Growth.

“In the last 5 years, over 115 initiatives and projects have advanced Sheridan’s goal to secure financial viability through responsible growth.”

Some notable examples include:

- Implementing Sheridan’s Off-Campus Housing Partnership Strategy, now providing approximately 3,852 safe community beds annually for students
- Pursuing partnerships for alternative forms of education delivery, such as our relationships with Risepoint (formerly Academic Partnerships) and the Canadian College of Technology and Trades (CCTT)
- Creating on-campus work opportunities for international students in partnership with the ScotiaRISE program

Under the priority Sustainable Growth, Sherdian has a number of key focus areas, and here is a spotlight on the focus area: Diversifying and increasing enrollment while prioritizing the needs of students, communities, and the labor market. 

This focus is vital as it ensures that growth not only contributes to Sheridan’s sustainability but also addresses the direct needs of the broader ecosystem, ensuring that Sheridan’s expansion aligns with real-world demands and opportunities.


Supporting International Students: The Brampton Charter 

Across the sector, the support for international students has become a focal point. Amidst this, Sheridan distinguishes itself as a leader, particularly through its responsible approach to enhancing the international student experience. 

At the forefront of its efforts is the "Brampton Charter for Improving the International Student Experience." This initiative symbolizes Sheridan’s proactive stance on crafting a supportive environment that transcends the traditional boundaries of campus life. 

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by international students, Sheridan led the "Improving the International Student Experience Summit," which brought together over 800 participants. This collaborative gathering laid the groundwork for the Brampton Charter, a comprehensive action plan aimed at significantly improving the lives of international students in Brampton.

The Charter stands as a testament to Sheridan’s commitment, featuring shared principles, actionable recommendations, and mechanisms for accountability. It was shaped by a diverse group of stakeholders, including government bodies, local community organizations, other post-secondary institutions, and, crucially, international students themselves. This collective effort underscores Sheridan’s belief in a "whole community" approach to student success and wellness.

With the phased execution of the Brampton Charter already underway, Sheridan has embarked on a journey marked by stakeholder engagement and strategic planning. The Charter's goals are currently being propelled forward by initiatives such as the International Student Experience research. This research offers a comprehensive understanding of the experiences of international students at Sheridan, exploring their feelings, desires, values, challenges, and expectations. By examining these elements in depth, we aim to tailor our support to meet the diverse needs of these students, who not only encounter common challenges faced by their Canadian counterparts but also navigate unique realities stemming from studying abroad in a different cultural and national context. This foundational study will help us address these needs more effectively and enhance the overall student experience.

The late 2023 endorsement of the Charter's guiding principles and the ongoing development of an implementation plan, set for completion in mid 2024, highlight Sheridan’s progress.

This initiative not only elevates Sheridan’s role in the sector but also emphasizes its dedication to creating a supportive, enriching environment for international students. By taking a comprehensive, community-wide approach, Sheridan is addressing the complexities of the international student experience, ensuring their academic, social, and personal growth.

As Sheridan continues to lead in the area of international student support, the Brampton Charter serves as a pivotal element of Sheridan’s broader mission. It reflects Sheridan’s unwavering dedication to not just meeting but exceeding the needs of students, communities, and the labor market. 
Sheridan’s successes thus far strengthen its dedication to achieving not just growth, but growth that is responsible, inclusive, and aligned with the evolving needs of students, communities, and the broader labor market.

Sheridan invites you to join this continuing journey, as it forges ahead, creating impactful learning experiences that will prepare students to lead and thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Explore Sheridan’s other priorities, commitments and success stories in Sheridan 2027. 

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