Organizational Excellence: Sheridan’s blueprint for inclusive action

May 30, 2024
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Through the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan, Sheridan embodies its commitment to fostering an environment where everyone belongs to drive organizational - excellence.

As Sheridan embarks on its journey with a new strategic plan Sheridan 2027 - Galvanizing Education, it is celebrating the significant accomplishments and groundwork achieved under the last plan Sheridan 2024. 

Despite major global obstacles including COVID-19, Sheridan led over 225 initiatives over the past five years alongside numerous entrepreneurial and innovative efforts at the faculty and local levels.

These achievements highlight the community’s resilience and collective potential. As Sheridan unveils renewed priorities, it is committed to building on this foundation, aiming to push the boundaries of these collective achievements even further. 

Sheridan Spotlight: Organizational Excellence and Inclusive Growth   

Critical to the foundation of the new plan Sheridan 2027 is the “Organizational Excellence” priority - a commitment to enhancing, renewing and reinvesting in Sheridan’s foundational enablers to support the achievement of its vision and mission.


In the last five years, Sheridan has undertaken 225 initiatives under the priority of Organizational Excellence, focusing on fueling organizational agility and operational excellence.

“In the last 5 years, over 225 initiatives and projects have advanced Sheridan’s goal to fuel organizational agility and operational excellence.“

Some notable examples include:

- Mission Zero - re-envisioning Sheridan’s energy future
- Creating Sheridan’s Campus Master Plan
- Becoming the first Ontario institution to sign the SDG Accord
- Named to Forbes’ list of Canada’s Best Employers for Diversity (2022 & 2023)

These examples are all aimed at enhancing, renewing and reinvesting in Sheridan’s foundational enablers to support its vision and mission.

Under this priority are multiple critical focus areas, and here is a spotlight on an area that sets Sheridan apart: attracting and retaining a talented, engaged and diverse workforce. At the core of this focus is Sheridan’s commitment to fostering an environment rich in belonging, innovation, respect and diversity.

Embracing Equity: Sheridan’s Continued Recognition

Last year, Sheridan solidified its reputation as a leader in fostering an inclusive educational environment by being named to Forbes' 2023 list of Canada's Best Employers for Diversity. This distinction marked the third consecutive year that Sheridan was recognized, ranking 12th overall and standing out as the only college among the top 150 organizations.

The Forbes ranking, based on an extensive survey of around 12,000 professionals from various sectors, highlights Sheridan's proactive approach to embedding diversity and inclusiveness across all levels of its operations. Employees and industry peers directly and indirectly acknowledged the college's commitment to diversity in leadership and everyday practices.

“Diversity at Sheridan transcends policy; it is woven into the fabric of our institution. It propels our innovative spirit and strengthens our collective mission to empower our community. This continued recognition is a testament to our persistent efforts to maintain an environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and supported.“

– Janet Morrison, Ph.D. President and Vice Chancellor

Through strategic policies and daily actions, Sheridan has made significant strides in developing an equitable community, with leaders at the forefront championing these initiatives nationally and internationally. In 2022, Dr. Jane Ngobia, Vice President of Inclusive Communities, was awarded a Silver Award of Excellence for Leadership in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion by the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP). Further, in April 2023, Sheridan's Office of Inclusive Communities received a silver award at the Colleges & Institutes Canada (CICan) Awards for Excellence in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Explore more about our ongoing initiatives and the impact of our Office of Inclusive Communities by visiting Sheridan’s website.

Explore Sheridan’s other priorities, commitments and success stories in Sheridan 2027. 

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