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Crafting connections through crochet

Newsroom authorby Jon KuiperijFeb 16, 2024

It hasn't taken long for Sheridan students, faculty and staff to get hooked on a new community wellness initiative.

Each week at Davis Campus Library, the Crochet Connections program weaves together people from across the college for three hours of fellowship while learning the craft of crochet. "It's a chance to learn a new skill, meet new people and create something handmade that's meaningful," says Sheridan professor Dr. Ferzana Chaze, who supports the free program as a volunteer.

Participants — including many international students who have positive memories of watching family members crochet — have embraced that opportunity. Students often enjoy “making things for their family,” says Gabriella Fernandes, the program’s student facilitator, “and video calling their loved ones from back home.”

Crochet Connections was inspired by a recent research study that brought together older adults and Sheridan students to learn and engage with crochet over a two-month period. Funded by a Sheridan Generator Growth Grant in partnership with the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research, the study found that participants demonstrated benefits to skill development, confidence, social connection and feelings of positive well-being.

The Crochet Connections wellness initiative was piloted last fall and continued during the Winter 2024 semester. For more information about the initiative, please contact program leader and Sheridan Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies Liaison Librarian Karen Lints at karen.lints@sheridancollege.ca.

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