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Crochet Connections: An intergenerational fibre craft project

May 18, 2023

Three women holding two crocheted blankets

For older adults, social connection and interaction has been known to provide benefits to their health and well-being. Supported by a 2022 Sheridan Generator Growth Grant, a team of Sheridan researchers dug a little deeper into that concept, looking at how intergenerational connections during crochet sessions can positively impact older participants.

Organized by a research team that included Karen Lints in Library Services, Dr. Ferzana Chase, Professor in the Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies (FAHCS) and Dr. Kate Dupuis, FAHCS Professor and Schlegel Innovation Leader in Arts and Aging in the Centre for Elder Research, crochet sessions were hosted at Davis Campus in Brampton, which brought together Sheridan students and a group of older adults to create beautiful blankets for donation.  

In addition to crocheting visually striking blankets, the older participants created new social connections during the project, developed skills and confidence in their fibre craft abilities, and found crochet to be a mood uplifting activity. Some of the older adults noted that the opportunity to be on campus and crochet blankets with others was a meaningful experience. 

A celebration of this research, Crochet Connections: An Intergenerational Fibre Craft Project, was held at the Davis Campus Library in early April, showcasing the collaboration, innovation and creativity involved in the research project.

Written by Debbie Silva, Research Communications Officer

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