Third year for Sheridan on Forbes 2024 Canada's Best Employers for Diversity

Jul 9, 2024
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scaet-trafalgarSheridan has been named by Forbes as one of Canada's Best Employers for Diversity 2024, in recognition of its commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace.  

This is the third consecutive year Sheridan has been included on the Forbes list, ranking 125th overall.  

"Diversity is a cornerstone of Sheridan’s identity. Embracing diverse perspectives enriches our community, fuels innovation and enhances our ability to address complex challenges,” says Dr. Janet Morrison, Sheridan’s President and Vice Chancellor. “Our commitment to an inclusive environment elevates our educational mission and strengthens our workforce. By ensuring every individual feels seen and heard, we create a culture of belonging that drives both personal and professional growth. This recognition by Forbes Canada as a Top Employer for Diversity underscores our ongoing dedication to this mission." 

Statista surveyed approximately 40,000 Canadian workers at companies with at least 500 employees, excluding the government services sector. Participants anonymously rated their companies on criteria such as age, gender, ethnicity, disability and LGBTQ+ equality, with responses from employees in underrepresented groups weighted significantly higher. These respondents also evaluated the diversity practices of other employers within their industries. 

Additionally, each company's diversity-related best practices were analyzed and incorporated into the rankings. These practices included the presence of employee resource groups, hiring programs geared toward Indigenous people, publication of diversity data, providing accessible environments for people with disabilities, and the percentage of women in board and executive positions. All these factors were scored, combined, and ranked to create a list of the top 200 companies. 

“Inclusion and equity are not just values we uphold but are the foundation upon which we build the future of our institution. By integrating metrics for assessing progress and accountability and continuous transformation, we enrich our campus culture and empower every member to contribute to a more innovative and globally aware society,” says Dr. Jane Ngobia, Sheridan’s Vice President of Inclusive Communities. 

Sheridan continues to make meaningful strides towards developing an equitable and inclusive community by actively embedding these values into policies, procedures and decision-making at all levels of the institution. In 2023, Sheridan launched a new Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Knowledge Mobilization Dissemination Centre (KMDC) in partnership with Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan). The CICan KMDC at Sheridan – one of only two in Canada and the only English-language Centre of its kind – supports local organizations that have committed to the 50-30 Challenge. Since January 2023, Sheridan's EDI KMDC has hosted 24 events with more than 2,300 participants, with more than half of those attending multiple sessions. Workshops and events offer participants the opportunity to enhance their EDI knowledge, skills and competency to lead with inclusivity, drive positive change and make a lasting impact within their organizations and communities. 

By positioning EDI literacy as a core competency for all members of the community, Sheridan ensures that everyone has a role to play in removing barriers to equity and fostering a culture of belonging. 

Our new Strategic Plan, Sheridan 2027: Forging the Future, and the institution’s Indigenous Engagement and Education Plan embody the values and mission of organizational excellence. Additionally, initiatives like Sheridan’s EDI framework reinforce the commitment to creating an environment where belonging, innovation, respect and diversity are assessed, measured and thrive. 

Sheridan’s leaders’ efforts to advance EDI practices have been recognized on a national and international scale. In June 2022, Dr. Jane Ngobia, Sheridan’s first Vice President of Inclusive Communities, was recognized with a Silver Award of Excellence for Leadership in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion by the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP), while last year, Sheridan’s Office of Inclusive Communities was recognized with a silver award in the category of Excellence in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at the Colleges & Institutes Canada (CICan) Awards of excellence. 

Learn more about Sheridan’s Office of Inclusive Communities. 

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