Sheridan College and City of Brampton affirm commitment to international student experience

Dec 18, 2023
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Today, Sheridan College and the City of Brampton marked an important milestone in the development and launch of the Brampton Charter for Improving the International Student Experience

At Sheridan’s Davis Campus in Brampton, Mayor Patrick Brown and Sheridan’s President and Vice Chancellor Dr. Janet Morrison signed the Guiding Principles of the Charter, affirming their commitment to enacting meaningful change for international students who choose to study in Canada.  

Janet Morrison and Patrick Brown stand with signed charterThe creation of the Charter is the culmination of a community roundtable, an international student summit and the co-creation of a shared approach to actions, reporting and accountability to improve the international student experience and its outcomes.  

Dr. Morrison and Mayor Brown were joined by Brampton City Councillors, Commissioner of Community Services Bill Boyes, Indus Community Services Chief Executive Officer and summit co-chair Gurpreet Malhotra as well as a coalition of over 35 Brampton-based social service organizations, educational institutions, and faith, cultural and business organizations that have endorsed the Guiding Principles of the Charter.

The signing of the Guiding Principles is the next important step in bringing the community together as a collective to improve outcomes for international students. Residents of Brampton are also welcome to review the Charter and provide feedback on the questionnaire.  

The Charter’s goal is to increase collaboration among stakeholders to enhance the international student experience by uniting a strong and resourceful community network that views the work as a shared responsibility. 

The Charter’s Guiding Principles include: 

- Appreciate that international student experiences are complex, multifaceted, distinctive and as heterogenous as the students themselves. 

- Respect that international students contribute diverse perspectives that enrich the learning experience for all students and are not competing with domestic students for postsecondary spaces. 

- Recognize the distinct stressors, atypical obstacles and macro-and micro-level factors that influence the lives of international students. 

- Acknowledge the needs to view the international student experience holistically beginning from when a student considers studying in Canada to beyond graduation. 

- Define the international student experience to encompass physical, mental, social, cultural, financial and academic well-being, which includes immigration, employment, housing, health, racism, food security, language and belonging. 

- Respond through multi-stakeholder engagement to fill the gaps and bridge the silos that challenge a smooth and seamless international student experience. 

“We are immensely proud of the work undertaken to better support international learners,” said Dr Morrison. “This is truly community work, done in partnership with over 35 organizations, to ensure international students have the opportunity to thrive in the classroom and beyond. None of us could do it alone, and we are grateful for the way so many have come together as part of the Charter.” 

"We are excited to bring meaningful change for how international students experience life and study in Brampton. They are an important part of our community, adding to the rich and beautiful mosaic of our city. I encourage all postsecondary institutions to take greater responsibility for their students and be more accountable. I applaud Sheridan for their leadership and express my sincere thanks to all our community partners as this was the culmination of several years of work by many to create this charter," said Brampton mayor Patrick Brown. 

Over 200 people from postsecondary institutions, community agencies and all levels of government gathered at the July 2022 International Student Summit to engage in dialogue aimed at improving the international student experience in Canada, discussing topics such as finances, housing, employment, well-being, academics, racism and immigration/settlement.  Earlier this year, the community was invited to add their voice to the effort to bring the Charter to life. 

The event was followed by a refreshment and networking opportunity sponsored by IDP International Education Specialists. 

Learn more about the Brampton Charter for Improving the International Student Experience. 

Pictured, top centre: Over 35 partner organizations came together with Sheridan College and the City of Brampton to affirm their commitment to enacting the Guiding Principles of the Brampton Charter for Improving the International Student Experience.

Pictured, top right: Mayor Patrick Brown and Sheridan’s President and Vice Chancellor Dr. Janet Morrison stand alongside the Guiding Principles of the Charter.

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