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Sheridan and City of Brampton unveil Brampton Charter for Improving the International Student Experience

Mar 16, 2023
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Current round of community engagement solicits input into how to build a strong network for international students, inspire shared ownership.

Sheridan College and the City of Brampton have formed the Brampton Charter for Improving the International Student Experience as an outcome of an 18-month process to co-create meaningful change for how international students experience life and study in Canada.

Sheridan is now inviting the community to add their voice to the effort in order to bring the Charter to life.

Bringing the Brampton Charter to fruition involved establishing a community roundtable, planning and hosting a summit, and co-creating a shared approach to actions, reporting and accountability to improve the international student experience and its outcomes.

Last summer, more than 200 people from postsecondary institutions, community agencies and all levels of government gathered at the summit to engage in meaningful dialogue aimed at improving the international student experience in Canada, tackling topics such as finances, housing, employment, well-being, academics, racism and immigration/settlement. The work involved examining the codes of ethics and best practices from across Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK to address the challenges impeding learners’ journey toward success.

“We are immensely proud of the work that has been done to create the Brampton Charter for Improving the International Student Experience. When our international students succeed, our whole community thrives,” said Dr. Janet Morrison, Sheridan’s President and Vice Chancellor. “This phase of socializing the Charter in community will affirm our collective approach to actions, reporting and accountability.” Dr. Morrison presented the Charter to Brampton City Council on February 8, where it was received positively.

“Brampton’s diversity is its strength. This Charter represents the type of work that must be prioritized to build an inclusive and modern city for all,” said Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown. “We are thankful for our community’s involvement in developing this Charter and will continue to strengthen these relationships to achieve our collective goals.”

The call for input into how the community can work together as a collective to improve outcomes for international students in Canada comes on the heels of an announcement by Colleges Ontario this morning about a new set of common sector-wide standards to strengthen the programs and supports for international students.

The Charter’s goal is to increase collaboration among stakeholders to enhance the international student experience by uniting a strong and resourceful community network that views the work as a shared responsibility. The community is invited to read the Charter and share how they might continue to support and engage with its principles, goals and actions as it comes to fruition. Advancing and operationalizing the Charter will require a collective effort of both individuals and organizations.

“Collaboration is key to developing innovative and inclusive solutions that enhance the quality of life for our community. We are incredibly grateful for the support of Brampton residents, students, local stakeholders and government partners in establishing this Charter,” said Dr. Bill Boyes, Fire Chief and Interim Commissioner, Community Services at the City of Brampton. “We look forward to building on this momentum through sharing this Charter with the broader community and advancing this important work.”

Sheridan and the City plan to share the Charter with Brampton residents through town halls, co-hosted with City councillors, social service organizations, educational institutions, and faith and cultural organizations in the South Asian and other communities.

Feedback generated through this phase will help build support and concrete commitments towards meeting the goals of the Charter.

An official Charter signing ceremony to mark the beginning of a long-term, multi-partner commitment to support international students will be held later this year.

Learn more about the Charter and add your voice.
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