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Trina Boos

Newsroom authorby Carol HillMay 8, 2014
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Trina Boos (Advertising, 2002) has found success by tapping her inner calling. “I’ve always been a natural networker,” says the president of two companies – Ad Lounge and Boost Agents.

Trina Boos

Years before the rise of social networks, Boos created Ad Lounge while at Sheridan as a way to connect students in related programs and across different years. “What began as a website resulted as a very niche and close-knit community of students who were learning from each other, giving homework tips and advice, and posting industry news.”

Now in its thirteenth year, Ad Lounge has expanded to a membership base of over 5,500 professionals from across the ad industry – all of whom seek the same kind of networking and sharing that Boos originally envisioned for her classmates.

“My experience at Sheridan taught me that you can miss out on many opportunities if you only socialize with your own.”

Boos’ love for connecting people lured her to launch a recruitment firm that specializes in the marketing, communications, advertising and design industry. Previously, she worked as an account director for one of Canada’s largest advertising agencies where she focused on digital marketing. While the job was fulfilling, she came to the realization that “while I loved the industry and the players involved, I much preferred helping them find their core purpose. Besides, I’ve always been at my best when I was in charge of my own destiny.”

Three years ago, Boos launched Boost Agents, specializing in the field she loves and knows so well. Unlike typical recruiters who prioritize senior candidates only, Trina believes that great minds can come from anywhere. We’re huge proponents of fostering relationships with every level, including the next generation of talent.”

For that reason, her agency sponsors (and produces) several events that bring together both senior and up-and-coming professionals. “My experience at Sheridan taught me that you can miss out on many opportunities if you only socialize with your own,” says Boos. “Mingling with different people gives you a fresh perspective and the chance to collaborate.”

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