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Sheridan hosts events to connect international students with community services

Oct 20, 2023

This past September, Sheridan organized two Community Safety and Settlement Events at the Davis and HMC campuses. Recognizing that a holistic transition is not limited to academic adaptation but also extends to integrating into the broader community, these events focused on ensuring students understand their rights, responsibilities, with safety as a core component. Students engaged directly with authorities and gained valuable insights into safety protocols, local regulations, and the support services available within their community. 

At the event, Peel Police underscored the importance of adhering to safety protocols, and reinforced collective responsibility in maintaining security within the college and the broader community. Their insights were complemented by practical advice and lessons from Mississauga and Brampton Fire and Emergency Services on fire safety and emergency responsiveness. Meanwhile, Brampton By-law and Enforcement Services representatives and Mississauga Compliance and Licensing Enforcement clarified local by-laws and residential norms, informing students about their rights and responsibilities as residents and tenants. Sheridan Security reinforced the robust security framework of the campus and urged the immediate reporting of incidents. Concluding the session, members from the Centre for Student Success offered information and ongoing support, focusing on facilitating a smooth transition for international learners into their new community surroundings. 

During the events, and as part of Sheridan's ongoing commitment to community integration, students had the opportunity to ask questions and to get a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities in their community.  

Sheridan recognizes the importance of supporting and guiding our students as they embrace their academic journey and become an integral part of their new community,” said Sunand Sharma, Sheridan’s Associate Dean, Community Citizenship, Leadership. “Just as we nurture their educational growth, it is equally vital that we foster a seamless integration into their surroundings and safety stands as a foundational priority. We believe that together we can create a safer community where students can thrive.” 

Sheridan would like to express our sincere thanks to Peel Police, Mississauga and Brampton Fire and Emergency Services, Brampton By-law and Enforcement Services, and Mississauga Compliance and Licensing Enforcement for their invaluable contributions, support, and participation at our recent events. 

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