Peel Region and Sheridan College lead a joint delegation at Peel Regional Council, emphasizing collective support for international students

Jun 14, 2024
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In a unified effort to support international students in Peel, Peel Region and Sheridan College presented a joint delegation at Peel Regional Council, highlighting the development and initiatives of the newly established International Students Collaborative (the Collaborative).

The delegation led by the Collaborative's co-chairs, Liz Estey Noad, Program Director of Health Equity, Partnerships and Innovation at Peel Region, and Jane Ngobia, VP of Inclusive Communities at Sheridan College, provided an update on the Collaborative's work. This diverse committee of multi-sector partners is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for international students by addressing both local and system-level issues through collective action.

Recognizing international students' urgent challenges, the Collaborative aims to implement short-term and long-term solutions.

Highlights of the delegation include:

- Collaboration to drive collective action: The Collaborative is working to identify and implement practical actions to support international students aligned with the tenets of the Brampton Charter for Improving the International Student Experience.

- Advocacy for policy change: Recognizing the limitations of regional and community partner influence, the collaborative is focussed on engaging other levels of government to address systemic issues that impact international students.

- Inclusion of lived experiences: The Collaborative recognizes the value and importance of incorporating the voices of international students in decision-making and planning and is currently exploring the formation of an advisory group and other mechanisms to ensure lived experience is integrated into Collaborative's work.

- The delegation and accompanying report received strong support from Regional Council members, demonstrating a shared commitment to advocating for international students. Peel Region continues to lead in addressing community needs and fostering a more inclusive and vibrant community for life.


"Sheridan is excited to partner with committed community organizations to expand knowledge and innovate strategic initiatives that will make Peel Region a model for wrap-around support for international students to build connections and thrive." —  Jane Ngobia, Co-Chair of the International Students Collaborative

"This joint delegation underscores our shared dedication to ensuring that international students feel welcomed, supported, and valued in Peel. By working together and harnessing the power of many, we can address system changes and make Peel a leader in creating a welcoming and supportive environment where international students can thrive." — Liz Estey Noad, Co-Chair of the International Students Collaborative

"International students enrich our Peel community with diverse perspectives and talents. Peel Region's commitment to nurturing a community for life underscores the vital role these students play in our Peel community. Peel Regional Council looks forward to supporting the work of the Collaborative and ensuring international students' safety and well-being, now and in the future." — Nando Iannicca, Regional Chair, Peel Region

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