Two researchers sit at a table in Sheridan's Centre for Applied AI

Sheridan announces new names for two Research Centres

Dec 15, 2023
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Sheridan College is thrilled to announce new names for two of its Research Centres, both integral parts of Generator at Sheridan. Starting today, the Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing (formerly known as the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies) and the Centre for Applied AI (formerly known as the Centre for Mobile Innovation) will take on names that better reflect their expertise and the innovative supports they provide to partners.

Two researchers operate manufacturing robotics in Sheridan's Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing

The new names reflect the growing work carried out by both Centres over the last several years in response to industry and community needs. The Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing has led in developing new solutions to manufacturing challenges, including the use of digital tools, such as simulating and modeling, as well as the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in manufacturing systems and manufactured products. Similarly, the Centre for Applied AI has early on specialized in AI in response to partner needs. With a successful track record of advancing innovative solutions for industry and community in AI, the Centre for Applied AI’s new name will signal its leadership in a rapidly growing area with impacts on many sectors.

“This is an important moment in our history as we move forward with names that better reflect our expertise and can take us into the future,” said Andrea England, Vice Provost of Research at Sheridan. “Generator at Sheridan’s Research Centres are renowned for their purposeful collaboration with industry and community, and these new names will showcase our reach, innovation and meaningful impact in the changing landscapes of manufacturing and AI.”

While the names of both Research Centres have evolved, their mandates remain the same. The Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing and the Centre for Applied AI will continue to be hubs connecting industry, curriculum and applied research. Both Centres will continue to address challenges by leveraging cutting-edge technology, connecting partners of all sizes to Sheridan’s expertise and resources, including our exceptional faculty and students, and delivering innovative solutions through applied research. This work drives forward real-world solutions with not only immediate positive business impact, but also sparks meaningful and lasting change in the communities we serve.

“Our Centre is a vibrant hub of research expertise for the manufacturing sector, finding new and innovative solutions to address their challenges. We know the future of manufacturing is in higher levels of intelligent automation, so we’re excited that our new name reflects the future-forward approach that we’re bringing to our partners, providing the necessary tools and innovation they require for success,” said Dr. Carolyn Moorlag, Director, Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing.

“Since our inception, we have responded to industry challenges by collaborating on innovative solutions that deliver meaningful impact. As AI continues to reshape the world, we have focused on applying our knowledge, skillset and cutting-edge technology to meet the challenges and opportunities in the world of AI. I am pleased that our retuned name, like our research, reflects our specialization and leadership in AI,” said Dr. Ed Sykes, Director, Centre for Applied AI.

About the Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing

The Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing links companies of all sizes to Sheridan’s manufacturing expertise and infrastructure to address the challenges of the industry while developing graduates with the skills and practical knowledge to make an immediate and positive impact on the workforce. Learn more at

About the Centre for Applied AI

The Centre for Applied AI creates innovative solutions to industry-relevant challenges in digital health technologies, in close collaboration with industry, community, and academic partners. Learn more at

About Generator at Sheridan

Generator at Sheridan is where purpose and passion unite the extraordinary research, innovation and entrepreneurship undertaken by Sheridan’s faculty, staff and students, working across disciplines and sectors, to drive meaningful impact for an everchanging world. For more information, visit

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