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Provincial candidates urged to endorse measures to strengthen workforce

May 5, 2022
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Provincial election candidates are being urged to support a postsecondary action plan on climate change and other measures to produce the strong workforce that will be pivotal to recharging Ontario’s economy.

“In order to strengthen our campus communities and drive economic growth, it’s essential that our students receive resources and an education that will empower them to thrive in an everchanging world,” said Dr. Janet Morrison, President and Vice Chancellor of Sheridan. “A strong college system is pivotal to ensuring our students are equipped with the expertise needed to succeed in this new economy.”

The province’s 24 colleges have released a new platform for the election, called Recharging Ontario. It features several post-secondary priorities the next government should adopt.

The colleges recommend the next government should:

  • Invest in new technology and new equipment at Ontario’s colleges.
  • Establish new college training programs for the green workforce.
  • Promote applied research at colleges to develop new products and help businesses become more efficient.
  • Fund more campus-based services to promote student wellness such as front-line counselling and early-intervention supports.
  • Create a distinct tuition policy for colleges that provides the necessary resources while ensuring college programs remain affordable and accessible.

These measures and others would build on the colleges’ successes and on the recent announcement that colleges can expand their range of career-focused degree programs. This includes developing new three-year degree programs and expanding the range of four-year degree programs.

“We’re committed to working with the next government to further strengthen higher education,” added Morrison. 

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