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Sheridan joins the Onyx Initiative to support Black students and recent graduates in the workplace

Mar 30, 2022
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Sheridan is proud to be an educational partner of an initiative aiming to establish more equitable career opportunities for Black students and recent graduates and help foster their continued success.

Onyx Initiative logoThe Onyx Initiative develops the professional growth of Black Canadians by providing access to paid internships and career skills training. The Toronto-based non-profit offers an innovative mentorship and training program that directly addresses the gap between corporate Canada and Black postsecondary students. Qualified students and recent graduates work with industry professionals to prepare for interviews, refine transferable skills, and develop the necessary tools to succeed.

"We are truly inspired and honoured to be an educational supporter of the Onyx Initiative," says Matt Rempel, Sheridan's Director, Career-Integrated Learning. "It's important to acknowledge the pervasive issues Black jobseekers face in the labour market, and to support initiatives such as the Onyx Scholars Program that bolster the career development of underrepresented individuals."

In 2020, Sheridan joined the Black North Initiative, committing to take specific actions designed to dismantle systemic anti-Black racism and create opportunities for underrepresented members of its community. Since the inception of the Black North Initiative Bursary, approximately $190,000 has been distributed to 533 Black students. In addition, Sheridan has implemented mandatory training on unconscious bias, anti-oppression and anti-racism for all employees.

In 2021, the Sheridan Student Union launched the Sheridan Student Union Diversity in Education Awards — a new financial support program worth $25,000 that promotes the recruitment and enrolment of Black, Indigenous, and racialized students.

"Sheridan is firmly committed to fostering the success of all students," says Rempel. "Where specific barriers are identified — whether it's in the classroom or the workplace — we work to bridge those gaps by leveraging proactive resources and partnerships. Working together is essential if we want to cultivate meaningful change."

The deadline to apply for the Onyx Scholars Program for mentors, students, and recent graduates is April 1, 2022. Apply now at onyxinitiative.org/apply

The Onyx Scholars Program is a free, voluntary program that is open to individuals who identify as Black and who are either currently enrolled in a postsecondary program or have graduated within the past 12 months.
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