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Alumni earn over 60 Canadian Screen Award nominations

Feb 23, 2022
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Sheridan graduates have received 63 nominations for the 2022 Canadian Screen Awards in recognition of their artistic and technical merit in Canadian film, English-language television and digital media productions.

The nominations span the full breadth of the genres in the entertainment landscape, including children’s programming, fiction and documentary. In addition to the alumni named on the ballot, Blown Away – the glass-blowing reality show featuring students and alumni from the Bachelor of Craft and Design (Glass) program as assistants – also earned a nod for Best Reality/Competition Program or Series. 

Canadian Screen Awards

Sheridan President and Vice Chancellor Dr. Janet Morrison says it’s exciting to see the resounding success of Sheridan graduates in the media industry. “Our accomplished alumni used their creativity and resilience to help the Canadian entertainment industry find innovative ways to create exceptional content throughout the pandemic,” she says. “Their success speaks to the power of continuing innovation in storytelling, and the important role of the arts in keeping us inspired during difficult times.”

The majority of 2022 Canadian Screen Awards will be presented in a nine-part series of genre-based virtual shows livestreamed throughout Canadian Screen Week 2022 from Monday, April 4, 2022 to Friday, April 8, 2022.  

Alumni who have been nominated for their work on films are:

  • Jeff Robinson (Computer Animation – Digital Character Animation ’03), Achievement in Visual Effects Dino Dana: The Movie.
  • Will Preventis (Advanced Television & Film ’13), Achievement in Sound Editing, for Dino Dana: The Movie. Also nominated for sound editing is Kristi McIntyre (Media Arts ’13), Kicking Blood.
  • Stephanie Gorin (Media Arts ’81) Achievement in Casting, Wildhood. Karlee Morse (Advanced Special Effects Makeup ’13) and Stephanie Pringle (Advanced Special Effects Makeup ’17), Achievement in Makeup, The Retreat.
  • J.R. Fountain (Media Arts ’01) and Steve Hammond (Media Arts ’87), Achievement in Sound Editing, Paw Patrol: The Movie. Fountain is also nominated for Achievement in Sound Mixing on the film, along with fellow alumnus Erik Culp (Media Arts ’96).

Alumni who have been nominated for their work on television shows are:

  • Three alumni have been nominated for Best Direction, Animation:
    Stephen Evans (Animation ’01) for Corner Gas Animated: Haunt for Dread October; Charles E. Bastien (Animation ‘83), PAW Patrol: Moto Pups: Pups vs the Ruff-Ruff Pack; Mark Thornton (Animation ’93), Pikwik Pack: Tibor's Butterfly Buddy.
  • Matt Dorman (Media Arts ’08) and Curry Leamen (Media Arts’08), Best Sports Feature Segment, Alex.
  • Cliff Dempster (Advertising ’85), Best Reality/Competition Program or Series, Top Chef Canada.
  • Toni Stevens (Media Arts ’85) and Pascale Leblanc (Animation ’13), Best Pre-School Program or Series, PAW Patrol.  Joining them in the category is Frank Falcone (Animation ’92) for Pikwik Pack.
  • Timothy Muirhead (Media Arts ’98), Luke Dante (Media Arts ’16), Kyle Peters (Media Arts ’08), Ryan Ongaro (Media Arts ’12) and Patton Rodrigues (Media Arts ’12), Best Sound, Animation, PAW Patrol. 
  • Anne MacRae (Journalism, New Media ’12), Best History Documentary Program, How to Start a Revolution.
  • Felicity Justrabo (Advanced Television & Film ’16), nominated in two categories: Rob Stewart Award for Best Science or Nature Documentary Program or Series for her work on Borealis; Best Biography or Arts Documentary Program or Series for Writing the Land.
  • Robin Archer (Theatre and Drama Studies ’05), Best Variety or Entertainment Special, The 2021 Governor General's Performing Arts Awards. 
  • Lucius Dechausay (Advanced Television & Film ’03), nominated in three categories: Best Biography or Arts Documentary Program or Series, CBC Arts: Exhibitionists; Best Web Program or Series, Fiction, 21 Black Futures; Best Direction, Web Program or Series, 21 Black Futures - 40 Parsecs and Some Fuel. 
  • David Kalinanukas (Advanced Television & Film ’11), Best Documentary Program, Fresh Water.
  • Maria Gordon (Computer Animation’98) and Kieran McKay (Computer Animation ’09), Best Visual Effects, Vikings. Steve Huynh (Computer Animation ’10) and Sophia Jooyeon Lee (Animation ’09) for Best Visual Effects, Overlord and the Underwoods.
  • Terry K. Bradley (Computer Animation ’97), James Wallace (Computer Animation ’00) and Jeff Robinson (Computer Animation - Digital Character Animation ’03), Best Visual Effects, Endlings.
  • Mike Woroniuk (Media Arts ’95), Best Sound, Fiction, Wynonna Earp.
  • Ian Rankin (Media Arts ’92), earned two nominations for Best Sound, Fiction: Vikings and The North Water.
  • Lisa Grootenboer (Animation ’82), Best Picture Editing, Comedy, Pretty Hard Cases.
  • Karen LeBlanc (Theatre Arts Performance ‘89), Best Supporting Performance, Web Program or Series, For the Record. 
  • Gavin Crisp (Journalism ’01), Best Live Production, Social Media, ET Canada Live. 
  • Ryan Johnston (Journalism ‘01), Best Live Production, Social Media, The Extra Hour - Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
  • Philip H. Street (Animation ‘94) and India McAlister (Journalism ‘17), Best Production, Interactive, CBC Kids News Minecraft Back to School Special.
  • Alex M. Gordon (Animation ’00) and Jung H. Yoon (Animation ’00), Best Immersive Experience - Non-Fiction, Fossil Hunt. 
  • Martin Gauvreau (Animation ‘99), Best Video Game Narrative, Echo Generation.
  • David R. Evans (Media Arts ’00), Best Video Game Narrative, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown.
  • Wesley Finucan (Advanced Television & Film ’04), Best Picture Editing, Reality/Competition, Fire Masters.
  • Jeff Perry (Advanced Television & Film ’06), Keith Ross (Media Arts ’06) and Ryan Monteith (Media Arts ’00), Best Picture Editing, Reality/Competition, Big Brother Canada.
  • Otto Chung (Advanced Television & Film ’00), Best Picture Editing, Factual, Project Bakeover.
  • Anna Bigos (Media Arts ’04), Best Picture Editing, Factual, Arctic Vets.
  • Nicole Stamp (Theatre and Drama Studies ’01), earned two nominations: Best Direction, Children's or Youth, Lockdown: The Confession Family Channel; Best Writing, Children's or Youth, Lockdown - Guilty Until Proven Innocent.
  • Matthew Braun (Art Fundamentals/Media Arts ’07), Best Photography, Lifestyle or Reality/Competition, Carnival Eats.
  • Vinit Borrison (Media Arts ’03), Best Photography, Comedy, Faith Heist.

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