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Sheridan marks Canada’s National Day of Observance to commemorate COVID-19 losses

Mar 11, 2021
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Flags at Sheridan’s campuses will be lowered to half-mast today in honour of Canada’s National Day of Observance to commemorate those who’ve lost their lives to COVID-19, and the many sacrifices Canadians have made over the past year to control the spread of the virus. March 11 marks one year to the day since the first known death of a Canadian due to COVID-19.

“The COVID-19 pandemic upended our lives, challenging all of us to adapt to new ways of learning and working, and exposing us to uncertainty and constant change. But for many members of our community, the pandemic has also meant learning to live with a deep sense of loss,” says Dr. Janet Morrison, President and Vice Chancellor. “Today, we mourn every Canadian who died from this terrible disease and grieve alongside students, faculty and staff in our community who lost a loved one.”

The National Day of Observance also recognizes the collective feeling of grief that many have experienced over the past year, as the pandemic has taken away a sense of normalcy and routine, the ability to gather and celebrate with loved ones, and for many, their financial stability and security.

To address the varying impacts of the pandemic on our community members, Sheridan’s pandemic response efforts have included one-on-one wellness checks for international students and students at risk, a strong focus on fostering virtual community and connection, and numerous self-care supports for learners and employees.

Many Sheridan faculty, staff and students have bolstered these efforts to support those in need by coordinating their own pandemic response initiatives in their communities, leveraging their networks and expertise. Faculty and staff have spearheaded local initiatives to create masks, 3D-print ear savers and organize food bank donations. Sheridan students have also stepped up, including a group of Police Foundations graduates who set out to support people experiencing homelessness - one of Toronto’s most vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic has really challenged our community and it’s caused considerable suffering,” says Dr. Morrison. “However, I have been inspired by the way learners and employees alike have gone above and beyond, responding with kindness, compassion and ingenuity.”

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To learn more about our community’s efforts to support those in need during COVID-19, please visit #SheridanHelps.

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