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Sheridan Unveils Bold Strategic Plan That Aims to Transform Higher Education

Oct 8, 2019
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With the public launch of Sheridan 2024:  Galvanizing Education for a Complex World, Sheridan has embarked on an ambitious plan to architect a new kind of higher education – one that brings together key elements of colleges, polytechnics and universities to create standard-setting higher education that unleashes people’s full potential.

“Simply put, Sheridan 2024 is an actionable strategy that responds to what the next decade may hold, retains the best of our roots, and re-imagines how Sheridan must evolve to ensure our students are prepared to thrive,” says Dr. Janet Morrison, President and Vice Chancellor.

The new strategic plan sets a course for the next five years, and lays out a commitment to:

Foster individual transformation – through career-focused credentials, learner-centric experiences that develop agility, resilience, creativity and strong communication skills, and a focus on equity, diversity and inclusion that unleashes the potential of all students.

Create value for industry and society – contribute the expertise of our researchers, students and alumni to our communities, to fuel economic development and social innovation.

Incubate the future of higher education – architect a model that blends teaching excellence, connectivity to the workforce, interdisciplinary creativity and innovation, personal development, academic strength, and applied research and knowledge.

“Our new strategic plan came about through a consultative process involving over 3,000 voices from across Sheridan and our broader communities,” says John Fleming, Chair of the Board of Governors. “It embodies our principles and priorities and underscores our commitment to prepare students to navigate an unpredictable, possibility-filled world with confidence.”

While student and graduate success are key drivers of the plan, it also focuses on the communities Sheridan serves. The plan commits Sheridan to renewed partnership with industry to co-design imaginative opportunities for training and learning and to sharing the expertise of its professors, students and alumni to fuel economic development and foster social innovation.

To learn more about Sheridan’s exciting vision for its future and download our plan, please visit sheridan2024.sheridancollege.ca.
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