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A new phase of training goes into pre-production at SIRT

Sep 4, 2019
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Sheridan College’s Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT) is moving into its first round of structured training in collaboration with Sheridan’s Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS) and the Director’s Guild of Canada (DGC) – Ontario. The three partners will embark on providing training from SIRT to DGC members and future Sheridan College students. This initiative expands upon Sheridan’s classroom footprint, bringing industry-appropriate training to the epicentre of the filmmaking community in Toronto.

Toronto’s screen industry is in a period of significant growth and investment,” said SIRT Director David Dexter. “In collaboration with industry, SIRT is expanding its mandate of ensuring Toronto’s skilled workers and innovators have the highest level of knowledge.”

David Seymour, Member Services Manager of DGC Ontario, noted how his labour organization places great value and emphasis on the continuing education of current and incoming members. “Our ongoing relationship with SIRT has been instrumental to that mandate, both as a terrifically equipped training venue and as a hard-skills resource centre,” said Seymour. “We are excited at the prospect of continuing to enhance our curriculum for our members with a broadening spectrum of training offered through SIRT and their facility.”

SIRT is well-known for leading advanced applied research projects within the screen industries and interactive media clusters, but as its name implies, it continues to provide incredible value-added training services. Over the past 10 years, SIRT has worked with professional guilds and associations to provide their members with courses in industry-leading methodologies and best practices, ensuring Canada remains globally competitive in these state-of-the-art fields. This past year, 203 industry professionals were trained in 31 career-advancing knowledge areas.

"The growth of the film and television industry in Toronto has created a clear demand for high quality, certified professionals,” said Marguerite Pigott, Toronto Film Commissioner and Director of Entertainment Industries. “We are excited to support this partnership and SIRT provides the perfect conduit to enable and deliver on the city's need for trained professionals as the industry continues to boom. We're happy that SIRT is leading the way in this endeavour." 

Nazlin Hirji, Director of CAPS at Sheridan College, says this partnership will strengthen what is already on offer from the college in regard to the school’s continuing education perspective.  “Our purpose in Continuing and Professional Studies is to positively impact communities through personal and professional opportunities, providing knowledge, expertise, diversity, and passion from our trusted position as a highest-rated adult education partner,” Hirji said. “SIRT is our internal Sheridan partner, the training space is incomparable, and they have many industry partners who could benefit from our courses. DGC is one example. Working together just makes sense.”

SIRT will work closely with CAPS over the next year to expand the breadth of classes available to Sheridan students and industry members of both DGC Ontario and other associations.

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