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Residence Life Staff


The Residence management team consists of Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) and the Operations Team. Both positions work very closely together and ensure the safety and security of the building including; housekeeping, maintenance, payment information, programming, resident support and supervision of all Residence staff.


Resident Advisors (RAs) are returning students, they are responsible for community building, social and educational activities within Residence. Resident Advisors are available to help ease the transition into post-secondary education and living away from home. Resident Advisors are a useful tool, they are able to advise the student on academic or personal issues and refer students to ensure students get the proper answers and assistance that they need. Resident Advisors also act as a liaison between the students and management and complete nightly rounds of the building. 


Residence Services Representatives (RSRs) work primarily at the front desk, which is open 24 hours/day to answer questions and address concerns. Access to certain common spaces and items are required to be signed out from the Residence front desk by providing valid photo-identification. 


Residence Council is a volunteer group of students that represent the student body in the Residence Building. The students that make up the Residence Council become student representatives for their floors and encourage student participation in the community. 

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