Access to our campuses is limited due to COVID-19, but we're still here to support you.

Sheridan Residence: COVID-19 Updates

What are the benefits of living on campus? What is in place to ensure student safety during COVID19?

Sheridan Residence is looking forward to welcoming you and we are committed to supporting your learning experience. Our move-in process will be adapted and we have taken extensive cleaning measures to ensure high touch points and common areas are consistently and thoroughly cleaned. We have implemented a physical distancing protocol in our buildings to better protect our students and staff.

Sheridan Residence has been working closely with Sheridan College to adapt policies and procedures accordingly. Below are some common questions that we are addressing to better help students through this difficult time, such as extending payment deadlines, routine cleaning, and how we will ensure the residence’s priority is student safety and satisfaction.

We are ready, prepared and are excited to welcome you to residence!

Is it worth coming to residence if I have limited or no in-person classes?

The residence is committed to ensure you have a great experience while living on campus! This decision however, is a personal decision no one can make for you. Some factors to consider are personal finances, what program you are in, academic requirements and your geographic location. Residence is a fantastic space to establish connections with others, being a part of a community setting, along with academic and personal support. When asking yourself, ‘is it worth it?’ one needs to consider that residence will differ every year – people will change, programs will change, but access to continuous resources and support will not. Even with social distancing measures, we will be delivering programming and resources the same as classes – some online, and some in person!

I have been notified by my program coordinator that my classes will be taught remotely (online) for the semester. Can I still live on campus?

The residence will be prioritizing the first-year guaranteed acceptance students along with those who will be having face-to-face classes on campus. We will then be able to assess spots available and offer them to students who are learning remotely but wish to live in residence. If you have received a residence offer, you have a reserved spot in residence and should follow the necessary steps indicated in your residence offer.

What is the last day to cancel my application?

If you do not have an offer of acceptance for residence, you may cancel your application anytime and you will receive your security deposit back in the form of a cheque. For those who have an offer for residence, the last day to cancel your application and receive your full refund is July 1, 2020.

For winter applicants, we will work with you on a case by case basis but full refunds will be given to those with reserved spots up to December 15, 2020.

Please note that refunds take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to be processed and then delivered. With Canada Post COVID19 delays, please allow some additional time for delivery. All cancellations are irrevocable and final.

Can I defer my residence offer to another term in hopes classes will commence in person?

If you are not planning on living in residence for the term you have applied for, you must cancel your application. To cancel your application, you must log onto My Housing Portal (where you have applied for residence) and cancel your application.

How will winter acceptance be determined?

Our first-year guarantee is only valid for the entire academic year – therefore, winter residence will be first come, first serve based on when the application is made and will be completely dependent on the number of spots available. Please note if you have not applied for the fall, you will need to pay the $350.00 security deposit in order for your application to be valid and considered.

When is move-in for the winter semester?

The residence is working hard to create safety protocols for you and our staff during move-in. As we are following all government regulations and recommendations, these protocols have been changing rapidly. Traditional residence events such as move-in and orientation will be adjusted to accommodate physical distancing guidelines.

Please look out for an e-mail in mid-December regarding more move-in details Please note our official move-in date for new winter students is January 9, 2021 but the residence will be working closely with individuals to create a physically distanced move-in.

If you are an international student, you will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. The residence will reach out to you with a plan in place regarding this move-in process. International students residing in residence for the term may quarantine in their suite.

I am an international student and I have an accepted spot in residence for winter. Can I self-quarantine for two weeks in residence once I arrive?

Yes. We require anyone entering Canada by air, sea or land to self-quarantine for 14 days when arriving whether or not they have symptoms of COVID-19. We will allow students to self-quarantine in their suite. We recommend the student arrives with enough time to quarantine before classes begin – this would be approximately January 4, 2021

For students who have a reserved spot, a move-in email will be sent to confirm flight itinerary and a concrete quarantine plan to help assist and support you!

How will COVID19 impact my residence experience?

This answer will be consistently changing as new measures and regulations come into play by the government and Public Health officials. At this current moment, housekeeping in suites has been suspended until further notice but cleaning common areas and high touch points are priority.

In regards to common area spaces, currently only kitchens and laundry rooms are available for use with sanitation devices in each space and specific guidelines (e.g. only a limited number of students able to be in a room at a time, etc.). It is likely that common area rooms such as the fitness room, movie room and games room will be closed for the beginning of the term but we are hopeful that they will be open in the future with sanitary procedures in place.

We are committed to ensuring your experience in residence is a positive one, regardless of the current situation we are all facing. Our Residence Life Team is ready to adapt our community model as restrictions continue to be eased to support and encourage not only your academic, but also social success. We will continue to have Resident Advisors and Residence Services Representatives available to all students – our methods of programming and communication may change, but our commitment to the student experience will never weary.

How will physical distancing work in residence? What measures are put in place?

Along with increased sanitization throughout the building and using new electrostatic sprayers, the residence will have the ability to disinfect areas more thoroughly and efficiently. Residents are required to comply with physical distancing and personal protective equipment (PPE) needed while on campus due to COVID-19 or other public health emergencies. When the minimum recommended physical distance of six (6) feet is not able to be maintained, residents will be expected to wear appropriate PPE (i.e. – gloves, mask and/or face shield). Residents are recommended to wear a mask when in shared areas of the residence and are required to maintain the posted room occupancy guidelines (i.e. – common kitchens, laundry rooms, elevators).

Will we be able to have guests in residence?

Our primary focus is the health and safety of all students and residence staff. With that being said, we will be limiting any sign-in procedures to only primary/emergency contacts. The guest policy is hopeful to change and be more lenient, but to start the beginning of the academic year this policy is to protect those in our residence community to the utmost degree.

Will I still be able to ship mail to residence?

Yes! Residence will continue to accept mail and parcels from Canada Post and all other courier companies. The process will be adapted so physical distancing can be maintained between residence staff and delivery people. Our staff will process and store mail while maintaining personal protective equipment guidelines. Students will be notified by email or phone that they have received mail and arrange for a time to pick up so physical distancing can maintain while students are retrieving their mail. Residence will temporarily cease accepting drop-offs from family or friends of a resident’s belongings. If a student requires a personal delivery including grocery and food deliveries, it must occur without the reliance on a Residence staff member. Please note, we will only be able to hold mail and parcels for students currently living in Residence upon delivery.

Will residence still run the grocery bus?

We understand that many residents benefit from the grocery bus and it is often utilized. At this current time, residence unable to confirm if the grocery bus will continue and will be upon the discretion of the partnered grocery store. We will ensure to update this page frequently if any information changes or a decision progresses.

Please note that there are many other grocery delivery options within the area available such as Walmart delivery.

Will I have a roommate?

Since Sheridan Residence only offers two-bedroom suites with a kitchen and bathroom included, we are moving forward with being full and at double occupancy. This means that you will have a roommate – however, there will be an emphasis on cleanliness in the suite and ensuring both parties are doing their part in consistently sanitizing their common spaces routinely. The residence will ensure to have measures in place to have these cleanliness conversations between roommates and help guide these expectations.

I am having a difficult time paying for residence. What are my options?

We understand that through this difficult time comes some hardships. The residence has varying payment options. Please note that residence does not defer any fee payments for OSAP. If you would like to get in contact with a manager about your specific situation, you may contact the following person to discuss a potential alternative payment plan that better suits your needs.

Davis: Alex French –

Trafalgar: Jessica Kayama –

The College has announced a risk-free guarantee for students allowing withdrawal from their program with no penalty and a refund by October 9 – is this the same for residence fees?

Sheridan Residence has a separate Cancellation Policy, which is made available on our website and is also included in the Terms & Conditions upon a student’s residence offer. Therefore, the October 9 risk-free guarantee refund is not applicable to residence fees.

To read and understand the Sheridan Residence Cancellation Policy in full, please visit the following links below, which is also found on our main webpage,

Sheridan Trafalgar Cancellation Policy
Sheridan Davis Cancellation Policy

I live in residence and I have flu-like symptoms. What should I do?

You must inform a residence staff member if you have a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 in Residence. It is important that proper steps are taken to support the needs of the impacted individual, their roommate(s) if applicable, and the greater residence & campus community. If you experience flu-like symptoms with a fever while living in residence, contact your local family doctor or call Telehealth Ontario 24/7 at 1-866-797-0000.

During any cold and flu season, it’s a good idea to stock up on supplies in case you need to stay in for a few days, like cold and flu meds, a thermometer, hand sanitizer and tissues. Comfort and cleaning kits are available to provide students the ability to clean/sanitize the isolated suite until students can provide their own supplies. Students are responsible to arrange their own food delivery through delivery services, and/or by immediate family/emergency contacts. Supplies from the Sheridan Student Union Food Banks are available at the Residence lobbies.

Students who have been directed to Self-Isolate and/or diagnosed are required to notify the Residence Management immediately and follow the How to Self Isolate at Home when you have COVID-19 guide.

Students should know the difference between self-monitoring, self-isolation, and isolation for COVID-19.

In order to reduce the spread of infection, students who have been directed to Self-Isolate/Isolate will be asked to do so within their assigned suite or at their permanent home address.

SELF-MONITORING should commence if you have reason to believe:

  1. you have been exposed to a person with COVID-19,
  2. you are in close contact with older adults or medically vulnerable people, OR,
  3. you have been advised to self-monitor for any other reason by your Public Health Authority.

SELF-ISOLATE if you have:

  1. travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days,
  2. your Public Health Authority has identified you as a close contact of someone diagnosed with COVID-19,
  3. if you develop symptoms, even if mild, stay home, avoid other people and contact your Public Health Authority as soon as possible

ISOLATION will commence if:

  1. you have been diagnosed with COVID-19,
  2. you are waiting to hear the results of a laboratory test for COVID-19, OR,
  3. you have been advised to stay at home for any other reason by your Public Health authority

My question is not listed – who can I contact?

If you have a question that has not been answered above, please feel free to e-mail us. Please note, due to COVID19, we are experiencing some delay in answering e-mails and ask for your patience. Someone will e-mail you within a 24–48 hour timeframe maximum. While we encourage e-mail communication, if you wish to speak to a representative on the telephone, please call between the hours of 9:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m. due to limited staffing.

(905) 874-4393

(905) 815-4150

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