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Research Processes

Links to resources are temporary disabled - updated versions will be posted here soon.

Download our Process Handbook.

Please see the following charts for an explanation of our core processes: 
  • Industry/community partnership process flowchart:  For industry partners wishing to initiate projects with Sheridan. This form also outlines the various approval steps and the research industry partner’s responsibilities throughout the process.
  • Faculty engagement process map: Outlines the process and faculty responsibilities for working with the Office of Undergraduate Research through the partnership matching and internal approval processes, funding applications and project set up.
  • Sheridan undergraduate research legal process map: Intended for both faculty and external research partners, this map outlines the various legal considerations and documentation required throughout the life of the project including non-disclosure and intellectual property management. 
  • Student undergraduate research process map: Outlines the steps for becoming involved in funded applied research projects, and the major administrative student tasks throughout the life of the project.
  • Sheridan research ethics process map: For Sheridan Professors wishing to initiate a research project involving human participants. 

Please direct inquiries about any of these processes to:

Andrea England
Dean, Undergraduate Research

phone: 905-845-9430 ext. 4232