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Application Process & Checklist

Application Process for Researchers: 

  1. Review the Sheridan Human Participants Policy and Appendix A.
  2. Complete the REB Application Form and attach all required supporting documentation (see Submission Checklist below or Appendix B).
  3. Verify the entire application package for completeness.
  4. Submit a copy in electronic format, including all necessary signatures, to the attention of Mai Saleh-VanDeventer, Assistant to the Dean, Sheridan Research, and SREB Coordinator: 
  5. Submit an original hard copy to Mai Saleh-VanDeventer in Room J103j, Trafalgar Road Campus.

The following forms/attachments may be required:

Please contact Mai Saleh-VanDeventer for any inquiries about the required documentation.
Note: The submission of incomplete applications may result in delays in the SREB review.

Request for REB Course Designation:

Study Renewal and Completion Instructions:

Ongoing research is subject to continuing ethics review. The Chair of the SREB must be notified of any significant proposed changes to the research plan or research protocol before such changes are implemented.

Ethics Literature and Important Links