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Dr. Saro Farra Leads New BioSteel Partnership

In the spirit of creative, unique and purposeful research at Sheridan, the Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies (FAHCS) has formed a collaborative partnership with BioSteel Sports Nutrition to conduct authentic third-party research at the College. This new research will be led by Dr. Saro Farra, who joins Sheridan as BioSteel Research Project Manager/Principal Investigator.

In his new role at Sheridan, Dr. Farra will work closely with faculty and staff to develop studies that evaluate how popular sport nutrition supplements influence athletic performance and health. This data can ultimately assist in making evidence-based decisions about athletic training and recovery.

“It’s a privilege to be appointed to this new and unique position at Sheridan,” says Dr. Farra. “I’m excited to help foster a multidisciplinary research environment where students, faculty and industry partners are inspired to collaborate and solve real-world challenges. I look forward to working with the team at Sheridan as we assess products that have the potential to elevate athletic performance and promote healthy living.”

Prior to accepting this new role, Dr. Farra was Head of Physiology for the Podium Programme at the National Sports Institute of Malaysia. He led the Physiology Department in delivering sport science services to 21 national high-performance sports organizations. He also directed research projects investigating the effectiveness of training, recovery and nutritional strategies on human performance. Dr. Farra has years of experience in the field of exercise science, specializing in the preparation of high-performance athletes for international competition.

“FAHCS is excited about this new partnership with BioSteel Sports Nutrition,” says Michael O’Leary, Dean of FAHCS. “We look forward to working with Dr. Farra as he supports new research opportunities for our learners at Sheridan when it comes to sports nutrition and health.”

"Sheridan is pleased to have Dr. Farra join the College," says Andrea England, Vice Provost, Research. "His wealth of experience and expertise in the health sciences field of sports nutrition furthers the tradition of excellence, creativity and innovation in Sheridan's research."

John Celenza, Co-Founder & CEO, BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. echoes the excitement about what this new partnership holds: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Sheridan College as we feel this partnership will continue to allow us to provide our consumers with nothing but the truth when it comes to actual results and BioSteel products.”