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Participating on a research project is a great opportunity for students, providing a chance to learn new skills, be mentored by professors and connect with business and community organizations. 
There are several research opportunities available to Sheridan students:


Curriculum-based 'Capstone' projects

Teams of upper-year students work on their own research project or with industry/community partners and develop solutions to their particular challenges, as part of these project-based courses. These unfunded research projects are integrated into the curriculum and serve as a core component of the course.


Depending on the structure of the program, students can participate in internships during the school term or during a set number of weeks after class term has ended. Unlike CCR opportunities, student participation in the internship is part of their grade in the course.

Research Assistants
Students work over a period of time as part of the research team under the supervision of the Principal Investigator of the research project. As part-time employees of Sheridan, students are compensated in the form of an hourly wage.

Co-curricular activities
Students can also build their skills by participating in co-curricular research projects. As part of the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) program at Sheridan, CCR projects formally recognize and track student work conducted outside of the classroom that is driven by learning outcomes but not part of any course.  


So how does a student get started?


Ask your course instructor:

• They are an important resource, mentor and partner in your research.


Visit the Sheridan Job Board:



Sheridan Research Office:

• Contact our office by calling 905-845-9430 x2702 or email us with a description of your research interests and expertise.